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What’s going on everyone dejected as the news reviews outside the regular studio but today I have with me the MRE bar by redcon one the new memory bar ice carrot cake listen people when I take you real quick through the ribbon I’m gonna refresh your memory why I like the MRE bar so much and what’s different about it then I’m gonna try this flavor together with you and we’re going to decide together does this live up to the expectations the high expectations that the MRE bar said let’s get right into it okay guys the retcon one came up with the amore bar which is probably the biggest innovation in the protein bar world I think probably the last this quest came up so the concept around the Emory bar is that it’s real whole food sources that’s the idea so even though it’s a protein bar you won’t find a protein powder here right so the protein source is gonna be stuff funky stuff like chicken and salmon so you have beef salmon chicken egg brown rice and pea protein that’s the protein blend right and then the carbs are gonna come from gluten-free oats and a couple of other things and the fat from coconut oil and CT and it’s just real sweet I tried I think they have five other flavors we tried them all on the chyme gonna link to this reviews here below and really I what I liked about the MRE bar I mean we are just the innovation and the way that it feels the texture is really nice you have the crunchiness on the outside by the inside it’s soft I also really like the way that it just this thing feels like you know when you eat like a quest bar something like that and then it eats you with the fiber and bloating and the protein this for sure has been the easiest on the stomach protein bar I ever had and that’s why I’m right now on the road I’m taking this with me I just love these bars really easy on the stomach easy to digest you feel like you’re eating food and also the flavor until now even though some of them were more sweeter than others the glazed doughnut stuff like that no it’s doughnut something but they were sweet but they were not overly sweet like you feel like you’re eating some sort of a food food package does a part anyway really liked him so far now this bar came out now the ice carrot cake just came out and same same very similar calorie or macronutrient breakdown 260 calories you have what you have here as far as carbohydrate 29 grams of carbohydrates only 6 grams of sugar 5 grams of added sugar so you have added sugar here and 20 grams of protein anyway 260 is it’s a bit above like your whatever let’s say 1 bars which are like 230 or whatever 210 but only say it just doesn’t matter the idea here is that you can give this to your kid and you know that he’s having food you can give it to yourself and you know that you’re having food and again like I said Mike my biggest thing was easy on this stuff so let’s try this one here and as you can see so inside here food looks like oats and something and this is the texture oh by the way it looks very much like the others as far as texture let’s try this so carrot cake this is supposed to taste sort of like a carrot cake it’s really good it’s not overly carrot so if you would let me test taste it and share hey I’m not telling you what flavor it is what is it I’m not sure I would come up with carrot cake as my first like thing it feels very nutty like to feel I feel nuts I definitely feel some sweetness it feels sort of like a Kate cake I’m not just sure it’s a carrot cake it’s really really good and again I guess I can’t even explain you need to try this bar people it is so even when you eat it it doesn’t feel like any other bar you’ve had it is just even though it’s crunchy this doesn’t feel like a muscle Pharm crunch bar or fit the Robert everyone this just feels guys you just need to try it anyway a lot of complains around this has been pricing because like theoretically the list price that say on the retcon ones that is $35 but really on average with our coupons and stuff like that you can find out that they’re around the twenty seven dollars twenty five to twenty seven dollars and when we find it on a deal like just recently we hooked it up on a deal it was $17 per box after like a BOGO in coupons and whatever I mean I would say this like at twenty-five dollars let’s say that you see this at 25 is not at more than 25 yes I would this is definitely better than any other bar out there so door like let’s say a quest bar is $25 per box retail this is 30 even this is definitely worth the different sandwich I really love them I think they’re the best out there right now if you’re really into that feeling you wholesome like feeling eating awesome obviously though obviously obviously we’re Fitness doing so we’re gonna hunt deals on this and we’re already did hunt a lot of deals so if you’re new to this channel or you need to fitness to news this is what we do we find this from all over the web and we let you know where they are we tell where the coupon is that in any way just sit back sit back to save money I’m gonna link to the MRE bar page on fitness the news here below so you can constantly see where are the best deals nervously sign up to our deal alerts because sometimes these deals just come and go listen people if this video was helpful in your MRE bar decision making process give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel to see more reviews like this exactly like this on anything supplements obviously pre-workout protein whatever and if you want to save money on the amore carrot cake iced carrot cake which is actually amazing then link below Fitness dnews let’s go

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