12 Tips To My 65-Pound Weight Loss

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12 Tips To My 65-Pound Weight Loss

– Over the past year and a half,
I've lost about 65 pounds of fat.
Here's some tips that helped me
that might help you.
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When a lot of people talk about dieting
and losing weight, they do it as a temporary fix
and not as a life-long goal.
People think about, oh, I got prom coming up.
Oh, I have a wedding coming up.
I have some big birthday coming up,
a vacation, I wanna look good in a bathing suit.
I used to be a crash dieter
and would fluctuate weight like crazy
and the only thing that really works
is sticking to a healthy lifetstyle.
Once you get to where you wanna be
or you plateau, something's gonna have to give.
So you either have to work out harder or change your diet.
No one's perfect.
Now, that doesn't mean, if you fail
or you know, after like five days
you should have a cheat meal.
Try to be as loyal as you can to yourself.
I always tell people the hardest part's
the first two weeks with a diet.
Changing those eating habits is hard.
From all this, I've learned how to be a better cook,
especially healthy cook,
and learn what's in food that I can make
better for myself.
The diet that I'm on is actually low-sugar,
low-carb and high-protein.
I think when you're younger,
especially when you're in your twenties,
you think you're invincible.
You think you're gonna be this,
you know, you can do whatever you want.
You can drink, smoke, consume whatever you want in your body
and your body's never gonna have a change to it.
And then when you hit your thirties,
things really start to slow down in your body
and you see changes and you have to adjust to those things
and that was something that was really hard for me
for a long time.
I think a lot of people get intimidated by gyms.
Youtube, you can just Youtube different body parts
or different workouts, whether it's chest and tris,
back and bis, there's so many different workouts.
Research a bit and this way you'll know
when you're going into your gym, your routine.
For someone that's starting off,
you know, I would just say cut through the fear.
Live your life.
If you wanna be a better you,
you gotta start somewhere
and it's all you but just go.
Don't say, well, Monday's the beginning of the week.
It's now Wednesday so I'm gonna binge for five days
and then when Mondays starts.
Start Thursday.
If it's a Wednesday, start Thursday.
If you're a person who likes to go out after work
and hang out with friends or just to relax
and doesn't wanna go to the gym,
then make a routine and force yourself to get up early
and go before work.
I'm not a morning person and now I am
because I force myself up to get up at six
so I'm at the gym by 6:30
so I can at least get an hour workout in,
get home, shower, and get to work on time.
Just because you've reached your goal
doesn't mean you just stop there.
You know, continue, continue, continue
to strive to be the best person you can.
Another helpful tip if you can
is find someone that's passionate like you
and wants to do this lifestyle change.
It's always great to have
like a friend to work out with you,
to push you along the way.
You can do it by yourself
and I did it mostly by myself,
but you know, throughout this year and a half,
I've had various friends join me on this journey,
doing their own journey and we've pushed each other.
So if you can find someone,
you know, a really good friend
that wants to do this with you, push each other.
When I finally hit my six-week goal,
I had to really, you know,
buy a whole lot of new clothes
and I went through my old clothes
and I started to put some stuff in
for a Goodwill bag.
And one of my friend's says,
no, man, you should keep some of your fat clothes,
just in case, and I was like, just in case of what?
You know, just in case you slip and fall back
into being big again,
and I remember saying that.
I was like, wow, that's a good point
and then I was like no.
I don't wanna go back to that.
I put in a bag and I put off to Goodwill
because I didn't wanna have an excuse
or a reason to go back
and that motivated me more to lose more weight
so I can get better fitting clothes
'cause all of a sudden, I was able to go
into different stores and try on the clothing
that I never got to try on before.
It really opened up my wardrobe
and it made me feel a lot better about myself.
A lot of people always focus on the scale.
They always say, oh, I'm gonna weigh myself each week,
on a Wednesday, whatever the time is,
and they, you know, sometimes they're
impressed by the number, sometimes they're not.
The number means nothing.
It's honestly the clothes that you wear,
how you feel, how you carry yourself.
You feel so much better.
You'll have endorphins running through your body.
You'll know when you feel healthy.
I feel so much better.
I sleep so much better.
My posture is so much better.
I stand better, I stand taller.
I feel like I grew an inch from this
because I was slouching over.
My core was not strong.
So overall, this has just been, you know,
an eye-opening experience for me.
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