How to Heal Yourself of Chronic Headaches, Pain, Depression, IBS, Cancer

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My name is Stephanie Jeffers and I I was completely healthy overall growing up until I went to the military at 17 and that was in 94 and I started just getting sick

I started having chronic sinusitis and you know just was prescribed a lot of antibiotics and then they I just kept having chronic headaches so they did MRI they diagnosed with a tension headaches and migraines and then I ended up having car accidents while I was in the military which caused spinal cord and neck injury and and then and then you know some pain and depression and then got out of the military and started having you know was diagnosed with IBS and was having tons of stomach problems and then in 2000 was the worst that’s when I was die started having chronic pain and at the same time my mother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer

and I had started having chronic insomnia couldn’t sleep practically at all and so I started the medications like a lot of medication and it was severe pain severe enough to where I had to you know stop going to college full time had to go part-time and was on tons of different medications they tried everything they tested me for tons of different illnesses and they didn’t find anything so they told me that I needed to go to pain clinic because I was on a lot of medications and each medication would cause different side effects so I would become on another I would get on another medication and so they said that I was 25 years old they said that

I would my kidneys and my liver wouldn’t be able to handle the medication so they sent me to a pain clinic and I went to a pain clinic with a lot of older people and basically the people that were in there were told that they were going to have severe you know typically severe chronic pain for the rest of their life and that they just had to learn how to get a new quality you know just to try to get some type of quality of life and learn how to not be

homicidal or suicidal and so I went to that and you know was given a TENS unit and whatever to try to help with the pain was on a lot of medication and just desperately sought after healing for years but just couldn’t really you know find it I’ve tried practically every everything that I could find from changing my diet to just exercise to holistic herbal remedies I have a Doctor of Osteopathy a holistic doctor I like all this stuff I’ve tried I tried pretty much everything and then though then so my mother-in-law ended

up dying and then a few years ago I just was very sickly well and then I had chemotherapy in 2006 I had a tumor that spread to my lungs and there were nodules my lungs then I had to have surgery and had to have chemotherapy that’s right and I think because the chemotherapy it made me very sick afterwards I started having a lot of food allergies and

sensitivities 24 and the in my gallbladder my liver was struggling quite a bit I noticed on my medical you know my medical results that the my liver and my kidneys were struggling and the I went back to the doctor and said what’s going on with this and she gave me another title in addition to the arthritis and all the other different things that I’d been diagnosed with

asthma and allergies and fibromyalgia and all kinds of different things she said you have another condition and it’s where your bilirubin is going to be after kidney functions to be down and that’s it and so I just like I can’t keep doing this my gallbladder was about six months from getting surgically removed I was about to get cert you know going to have to have surgery if I didn’t change my diet or whatever and yeah so I was pretty much in severe pain and it just on a lot of medication for typically I mean off the majority since like 95 mm-hmm so Tiffany tell us um what’s the worst how bad did it get well eventually then they said that I had you know I had the genetic

marker for celiac disease and so my stomach practically stopped working and the pain it’s severe it’s it’s severe pain it’s pretty much pain from head to toe it’s the insomnia is so bad that you can’t you can’t sleep on your own it’s impossible and because you can’t sleep the body doesn’t allow the muscles to heal and then you’re in severe pain everywhere so it’s it was very severe there was a point you know shortly after my husband and I got

married where I was so sick that I was laying in the bed and I would it would take a long time for me to fall asleep and then I was in such severe pain it was took me a long time to fall asleep and then I would wake up because of the pain well eventually when I would get up in the morning or whenever I was so stiff I was I felt like I was in a state of rigor mortis like I just I was so stiff and my husband would come over and then just have to kind of grab me from laying down and help me to get the sitting position I’d

wait you know until I was ready to stand up and then he would take me and pull me he would pull me to standing and then we’d wait there for a while until you know I was ready to walk and then he would you know carry me like hold me assist me to the bathroom and that’s just how severe it was it was I just felt like I was going to be stuck in a bed and I and I was stuck in a bed the majority of the past 12 I mean 13 years at Tiffany you you said

you’re married and you also have children yes how has this impacted their life yes it’s been it’s been very intense my kids have known me as a sick mom my daughter watched me go through chemotherapy and um you know she’s watched me they’ve watched me be on tons of medication they’ve gone to countless doctors appointments with me they expense it such a burden because I have been sleeping my life away and you know just not not able to be there for my kids and just feeling like you know I want to do better but yes so one of the biggest things was a few years ago I

was in a car accident and it caused I had a slight concussion and my neck was affected pretty bad in this side of my neck kind of went out and was I don’t know if it’s called bulging or whatever but I the my neck would go on a nerve which would cause a severe pain and I would go to the emergency room I was injected with pain medication did nothing injected with morphine nothing I was in severe pain you know it was on a nerve and so eventually just started causing peripheral neuropathy so I had numbness and tingling in my arms hands legs and feet and then I had the nerve pain which is very intense it’s it’s unbearable and so that started happening a

couple years ago and and because of that I couldn’t carry my son anymore and he was really devastated about that you know it was devastating to me it was devastating to him mm-hmm and you know my daughter like she you know it’s just it’s just hard to be present all the time when I’m in bed I’ve been sleeping typically I mean on average about 10 to 12 hours a night for years and then I would only be able to be up for a couple of hours and then

I’d have to go lay down and take a nap in addition to sleeping at night so I’ve been sleeping the majority of my life away so you’ve seen a lot of doctors over the years countless what did they tell you your quality of life was going to be like in the future what prognosis did they give you for your future mmm chronic pain for the rest of my life just going to have to learn

how to manage it just basically I’m going to I’m going to need to be on Medicaid for the rest of my life I’m going to need to be on a lot of medication and I’m just going to get worse and honestly with having the tumor that spread to my lungs it’s likely that I would just have to have chemotherapy again that’s I mean that’s it if if something didn’t change that’s that’s basically what would have happened again so Tiffany tell us

how you found faster EFT well a friend of mine is a nutritionist and she referred me to Heather McCain you because she just told me about your story and I knew of you and knew that you were sick and she said that you were well and I just was very intrigued by that and so then I contacted you and started you know I saw your website and found the faster EFT calm

and started watching videos and yeah it was pretty amazing so you were watching the YouTube videos yeah at home yeah and did you find that you had success with the videos I did I did I started tapping on myself with different videos and noticed that my pain was moving which is didn’t make any I mean it makes I didn’t understand that but so my pain was moving like it would be in my neck and then the more that I would tap it would be in the middle of my back and then and then if it was very emotional or

whatever then I would notice it would intensify very a lot and then once I got done through tapping my pain was gone and so I I knew that this was it you know I knew that this is going to work that it was 45 minutes like 30 to 45 minutes and I’ve had this of your pain for years and I know I’ve just known that it’s just always going to be there I’ve tried to get off the medication I can’t exist without the medication and so I was very impacted

just simply by just doing a few videos and then what had happened was is my peripheral neuropathy went away and so I have not had numbness or tingling I haven’t had the peripheral neuropathy the the severe pain where this is going on the nerve I haven’t had it um in probably over a month so and I kidding it won’t come back so I was really impacted by the videos and then you just attended a transformational weekend how did you end up

coming to this well again my friend that’s a nutritionist I talked to her and she wanted to come as well but had something had come up and she said Tiffany I really think you need to go and I was like ah you know the money you know whatever and and then I thought wait a minute I’ve been spending all this money on nutritionists holistic doctors alternative therapy I have a Doctor of Osteopathy I have regular doctors I have rheumatologist you know all these different specialists stuff and and I was just about to re-up for another type of therapy which is thousands of dollars and I thought this is like nothing compared to all of this all these thousands of dollars

spent on all this other stuff and so I thought I think I’m going to do it and so I kind of hesitated and but I finally decided I’m coming and I’m going to go and I talked to you and found out that you were going to be there and I was like okay that’s great and um yeah I bought the ticket and I I flew out here and it’s been phenomenal and so you attended the transformational weekend yes and what did you think about that phenomenal I it’s simple

the ideas are simple it’s easy for anyone to understand you don’t have to have a PhD I mean I think it’s that the ideas the concepts are very simple and it’s effective and it works quickly and it’s it just blows my mind it’s effective and it works quickly and it has lasting long-term results and I think that’s what we’re I’m so impacto in the chair and you were tapped on by Robert yeah so how did you find that it was amazing um it was a thing I know I I didn’t know why i started having chronic pain or insomnia or all these illnesses or I didn’t understand why I knew that I had been through a

lot of emotional I’ve had a lot of stress but I just couldn’t figure it out so when Robert started tapping on me um in identifying problem areas I was kind of shocked that those were the those were things that I had actually been creating everything that I you know had different challenges in my life that I didn’t really deal with emotionally and so I stuffed them and

stored them in my body and so being in the chair it just it was phenomenal like I had pain and it would move around as he would tap and he would talk about different you know stressors or emotional challenges and it would move and then by the time he was done it was completely gone my pain was completely gone and what did you think about that I was very happy yeah I just I mean all my I mean all my family members and friends they know how sick I’ve been and I know how sick I’ve been and like I feel phenomenal so it’s really amazing so that was on Saturday yes um and it’s

been four days since you were tapped on yes so what if the last four days been like the first let’s see it just it’s amazing it just it yeah I feel so amazing I just I feel great yeah I feel amazing and I think one of the major things is a the insomnia was a huge problem and in four years I’ve had problems with this and even as a child I look back and I did have problems as a child too but when I went to go to sleep that night I hit the pillow and was like oh my goodness feels so great it was phenomenal I slept amazing I’ve been

sleeping amazing I I wake up in the morning and I wake up typically tip anywhere between 7 & 8 o’clock in the morning and for years I’ve been waking up I’ve been sleeping like 10 to 12 hours a night and and then having to take a nap during the day this whole time that I’ve been here I’ve not taken one nap and I have been sleeping not even a lot but I’m waking up around the same time every day and I have energy so it’s I feel like I did after I ran a triathlon back in 1997 that’s how I feel so what’s phenomenal and what about your pain level have you experienced any more pain I I

have and it I just tap it away I just tap it away and I think what I’m learning is that if if I if I think of an emotional stress or maybe that I haven’t dealt with or whatever um you know the pain can kind of come back and then so I’m like oh and then you know sometimes I can just stop thinking about it or just think a new thought and the pain goes away so that’s what’s amazing and I will just tap on it you know and and just it’ll go away so yeah so I mean but I’m waking up like every day like Saturday Sunday not Monday and Tuesday the majority of them have been phenomenal my pain is

typically at a zero on a constant level so I just I just keep tapping I’m waking up tapping I’m going to sleep typically tapping and yeah Tiffany how strong was your pain before you got into the chair it just depended it depended on what activity I was doing if I was trying to wash the dishes or um you know it would be a ten I mean it was it was so much that I literally I haven’t washed dishes the majority it’s been somebody else’s responsibility for years because it would it would go to a ten and it felt like glasses in my back or it was sick but typically my back so yes Saturday it you know it was

pretty high and but once I got in the chair and then we started talking about things it did go up to a ten and it felt very severe and yeah and then after no pain none no feelings of glass in my back which felt I mean it really it feels like a real intense feeling but I felt nothing no pain it’s great light as a feather where before I felt very burdened my body just felt very heavy and I just felt like I have to slouch I can’t sit up I’m so exhausted and so just I had energy and I was pain-free Tiffany where do you see your future going with faster EFT yeah I would like to become a practitioner I would like to continue doing this on myself I my goal was to come here this weekend and to heal and and learn this technique because it’s simple and you know I

think a lot of people can do it and receive relief you know and so yeah I I want to go home and I want to share with my family and I’ve already shared it with my children they love it so just a few times are writing my kids they love they love the faster EFT they love the tapping my my friend she she’s had chronic migraines for years and she said to me you know my son I’ve been tapping on him and she said Robbie can you please you know stop playing the piano right now I have a headache and he said all you have to do April is let it go let it go let it go let it go let it go and safe to let it go peace and she just started laughing she thought it was so funny but I had already tapped on her and I was already able to make her pain move and go you know away and she so anyway she knows that it works and I want to

keep working on her as well because we know that it’s emotional the cause is emotional and yeah so my kids they love it my daughter she says mommy I love it when you tap on me like she just it’s very refreshing to her it brings her so much peace both my kids one night they couldn’t sleep or they they felt very anxious and they were scared about something and so I just talked to them about it I tapped on them both for about five minutes and they both were ready to go to sleep they were happy they gave me hugs and kisses and they went to bed and usually it would have been they would have cried

it would have been really challenging I would have had to shut the door and leave feeling sad and guilty and I left feeling happy and it’s with the children it works very quickly very quickly so yeah it’s it’s a simple technique and it has fast results would you recommend to other people attending the the transformational weekends and watching the YouTube videos absolutely absolutely it’s I mean yes it’s I have tried so many different things and I have recommended people to them but it was sad because we only noticed I mean my friend has MS you know and we noticed some you know baby steps of help and we’re willing to pay I mean thousands of dollars for this stuff and we just noticed tiny bits of changes and but never permanent healing never it was never like a life-changing drastic amount of healing and so yes I would absolutely refer this to other people and I’m I already have even before it came here I started telling

people about it because it’s it just it’s the most effective thing that I have found in helping with every single problem it’s not even it you know you don’t you don’t have to have pain you have anxiety you could have migraines it could be effective you could have depression it’s effective you can have arthritis it’s effective you know all these different things that I’ve been labeled with I have medical records in pounds you know that can be weight in pounds you know this it’s the most effective thing that I have found to work so Tiffany you were able to watch the videos and tap along with them yes and then you were able to come to Oklahoma City and attend

a live weekend so tell me what do you think about Robert I think he has a lot of insight he has a lot of insight and he’s he he’s just created something that’s very effective and it works and I’m just very thankful because it is totally changing my life so I’m very thankful Tiffany if you had one message to say to the people out there watching who are suffering the many different kinds of things in their life what would you say to them yeah I would say there’s hope there’s hope and it’s probably not what you think but there is hope of it because you know the doctors will say you have to be on all this medication you can’t get off of it you know you have your chiropractors gonna say you have to keep coming to me actually I haven’t been to my chiropractor since I started tapping and and I should have to be there because this should be on my nerve you know I should be having

chronic peripheral neuropathy and I’m not but anyway so I would say don’t give up feel hopeful try this come to a transformational weekend because you will not leave the same and you will be shocked because I have spent years searching for healing complete healing and I I did not think I was going to find it even two months ago I thought there’s no cure for

fibromyalgia I have chronic severe fibromyalgia that sort of been told and there’s no cure there’s actually a cure so don’t give up even if it’s even if it’s depression even if it’s headaches even if it’s stress at the job like this is effective with everything and that’s what’s so phenomenal is whatever situation you feel hopeless in you don’t need to feel hopeless anymore there is a technique that can reduce stress and illness and even take it away that’s great Tiffany thank you so much

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