Battle Scars

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The fight against acne is an arduous battle and like any battle, you may survive but not be left unscathed. Yes, the struggle with acne does not end with the treatment and eradication of the situation because acne often leaves unsightly residual scars that affect levels of self esteem as well as leave a tangible and visual reminder of a painful ordeal.

The good news

Fortunately, with advancements in science and technology, acne scar suffers won’t have to live with this situation any longer. There are a host of solutions available for acne scar removal that actually work. However, it is important to remain realistic in expectation and to learn which procedure will benefit you because there are no one size fits all remedy for acne scar removal. Acne scar removal procedures will depend on one’s age, skin type and severity.

When abrasiveness works

One type of acne scar removal is dermabrasion and this entails the use of an electronic machine that will remove the top layer of the skin to even out the surface and produce, clearer, smoother skin. Although if you think about it, the procedure is much like sanding stone or wood down, this has proven to be quite successful. After the procedure the skin is red and raw but when it heals, smoother, more even skin is yours to have. This however does not work on thin skin, which may not have enough layers to begin with.

Feel the peel

Chemical peels work much like dermabrasion except that instead of a mechanical machine, chemicals are used in contact with the skin to be treated to prompt it to shed off the top, scarred layers to make room for smoother skin. This procedure may not be an option for individuals with overly sensitive skin which may react adversely to the chemicals.

Injectibles and laser treatments

Although primarily used to treat aging skin, collagen injections and laser treatments are also effective in acne scar removal. These techniques are use to transform depressed areas formed by scars to create a smooth and scar free skin surface.

Punching and transferring

Punch grafts and fat transfers are also used to treat deep scars caused by acne. Punch grafts entail punching holes on scars and replacing the skin with an unscarred source elsewhere in the body. Same goes for fat transfer where fat from another source of the body is transferred onto depressed skin surfaces to raise and level off scars.

For more detailed information on procedures, which one is right for you and where you can get them, visit the sites below and begin your journey toward getting rid of battle scars caused by acne.

All about acne

For your complete acne online resource, point your browser to Its page on acne scar removal is a complete information sheet about getting rid of unsightly scars caused by acne. This site will also help you find out where to get procedures done and more importantly, where you can find qualified professionals to help you find out the best process for your acne scar removal needs.

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