Beyond Scared Straight: Pregnancy Advice for a Female Teen (Season 9, Episode 1) | A&E

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What happened when you had the baby why I can’t mean on common for sitting with a hole feet there cocaine right up and eat my weak when you giving a damn about my bed coming through my yes I had a nap tracks are no phone in the when I when I was feeling I was ten centimeter I have time for no epidural it’s not a push the baby straight at the base and you miss don’t wanna be pregnant you got Helen that baby let me tell you something it feel like your dad when you got kids it ain’t easy you cannot take care of no newborn baby and you a cup gene up with a baby yourself come into Rico come on drink have a seat this is free information what’s up listen calm down we trying to save your life you have no reason to be afraid of nobody but you gotta take this information that they give you and use it you hurting inside so bad that you don’t know what to do with yourself other than react to it you got three people in your face right now that care about you don’t even know you that should tell you something that should tell you that you’re meant to be great

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