Bone Broth to Help Heal Your Gut

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What is bone broth? Bone broth is derived from simmering animal or fish cartilage,
tendons, and bones for hours at a time. It is widely used in many cultures around the
world to aid in restoring or strengthening overall health. One particular health benefit of
bone broth is its role in gut health.

The Importance of a Healthy Gut

It is becoming more evident now that a healthy gut is essential to overall health. Signs
of a healthy gut include healthy stools, regularity, abundance of energy, and healthy
skin tone. Likewise, poor gut health will lead to lack of nutrient absorption, constipation.
diarrhea, insomnia, bad breath, and blotchy, uneven skin.

What you might not realize is that gut health can also affect your mental and behavioral
health, from making stress and anxiety worse, to leading to brain fog, poor memory,
lack of focus and concentration, and low energy. This is why it is so important to find
way to improve your gut like with bone broth.

Bone Broth is Rich in Nutrients and Minerals

Bones contain a number of minerals including zinc, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium,
manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium. In addition to minerals, bone broth
also contains collagen, gelatin, glycine, and seventeen different types of amino acids.
When simmered at low heat for a lengthened amount of time, these nutrients seep into
the water and create “liquid gold.”

Protective and Anti-inflammatory Properties

The amino acids, gelatin, glycine, and nutrients in bone broth help to strengthen the
mucus layer and intestinal barrier within the gut while also altering the gut microbiota
composition. Furthermore, these nutrients aid in reducing inflammation. No wonder
many people and cultures around the world eat bone broth when they are ill!

Aids in Digestion

While rich in nutrients and minerals, bone broth can also do wonders for digestion. As
mentioned above, this liquid gold assist in altering the gut microbiota; a strong, diverse
gut microbiota is essential to break down food byproducts for proper absorption.
Furthermore, the broth itself helps to hydrate the body, thus, promote better digestion
for healthy, regular stools. Drinking bone broth is great but adding vegetables and herbs
to the bone broth is even better as this will increase nutrient content and further aid in

Ultimately, bone broth has many beneficial components including an abundance of
nutrients, minerals, and amino acids. Such nutrients aid in protecting the gut, providing
anti-inflammatory properties, and overall, promoting better digestion.

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