Can You Walk to Work?

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There’s no doubt about it, walking is one of the best exercises that you can possibly do for your health. Not only can it help you to keep trim, it can keep your metabolism running strong which can aid you in any weight-loss efforts that you happen to be undertaking. The difficult part about walking is the fact that you are going to have to spend a lot of time doing so. Although it certainly would help if you’re able to walk for 10 minutes a day, making sure that you walk a couple of miles every day is going to have a major impact on your health.

The good news about this is that it is not necessary for you to walk the entire 2 miles every day at one time. Exercise is not something that needs to be done without stopping although it does help in some ways to be able to do so. The fact of matter is, just as you can save up $100 by putting one dollar at a time into your piggy bank, you can do 2 miles worth of walking every day by doing it in short spurts. What is the best way for you to be able to do this?

What you actually need to do is to evaluate your circumstances to see if there is anything that you can do which will be able to incorporate walking into it. A good example of this is if you live close enough to where you work that you would be able to walk to it on a daily basis. Often, this is not practical unless you live within a mile or two of your office. You would probably be surprised to find out that after you walk for a little while, you would get your speed up enough where you would be able to do this within a half-hour. Many people commute a half hour to work and they do so without getting exercise at all.

If you live further away from your office than you can walk, you might want to consider riding your bike. A 5 mile bike ride to and from work would do wonders for your health if you do this several times per week. If you are able to walk for 10 minutes here and there during the day, you would be able to get enough exercise that you could substantially impact your overall health without too much effort.

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