Tracheal Bronchitis and the New Bacteria

Sometimes, it can be very confusing to distinguish one illness from another. The symptoms are similar and oftentimes, misdiagnosis can occur. This is the reason why medical practitioners must be very careful in their chosen field so that they can give an accurate diagnosis, coupled with the right medication or treatment. Bronchitis is defined as … Read more

The Difference between Viral and Bacterial Bronchitis


People suffer from illnesses or diseases due to viruses and bacteria; but sometimes, environmental factors also play an important role in triggering such illnesses. When a person becomes ill, his life is naturally affected. And this includes his relationship with his family, colleagues, and friends. That is why, may experts stress the need for a … Read more

Significant Facts about Asthmatic Bronchitis

In the beginning, very few illnesses and diseases were known, people would suffer from different ailments mysterious to them. As time passed, the number of diseases cropping up continued to increase. Millions of people acquire illnesses at some point in their lives; from common colds, coughs, to cancers and heart ailments. Though these illnesses or … Read more

Recognizing Symptoms and Seeking Advice on Infant Bronchitis

To define bronchitis simply, it is just a cold which spread out throughout the bronchial tubes of your lungs. Bronchitis has its own degrees of severity. It can range from a very mild condition without any fever then becomes very serious. Normally, cough is present. This can be extremely dangerous especially for infants. They may … Read more

Pediatric Bronchitis: The Scourge of Childhood


Bronchitis is a lower respiratory tract problem that is manifested by an inflammation and/or infection of airways which includes the trachea and larger air tubes that carry oxygen into the lungs. There are two kinds of bronchitis: acute (short-term) bronchitis and chronic (long-term) bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is usually followed by a viral infection, primarily upsetting … Read more

Managing Bronchitis Symptoms and Knowing the Treatment

Inflammation of the respiratory tract that includes the trachea and the bronchus is known as bronchitis. This may be caused by viral or bacterial infection or constant exposure to pollutants (such as smoking and air pollution). There are two kinds, acute and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis usually takes place right after an infection of the … Read more

Is Bronchitis Contagious: Clearing Your Mind from Doubts

Learning about the issues concerning chronic and acute bronchitis progression can answer your question if it is really contagious. Chronic bronchitis is the infection and inflammation of mucosal membranes and bronchial tubes, which generates excessive mucus production. These high levels of mucus production in the person’s respiratory tract are only the inflammatory response of the … Read more