Digital Health & Wellness Part 2

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Welcome to digital health and wellness module in the office up on the street down to Subway individuals are paying more attention to what’s going on on that screen than what’s actually going on around them this behavior is so common in the digital era and joining me today are miss sue tada ganga wong an expert in economics an associate professor dr. serious accent and i from school of health science there are three factors all together individual risk factors ergonomic risks factor and social environmental factors let’s begin with the first one individual risk factors then professor individually factors consist of seven factors the first one is a cinder the second is over our health and finish the third helped habit the fourth brick behaviour the fifth activity outside the workplace and the sick personality traits and temperament related factors and the last one is psychopathology that sounds a little complicated would would you tell us more about each one please for the first one right age and gender a dolphin is a high risk of developing dramatic internet use and addition due to high variety ability in developing cognition control and battery settings skill for empirical data male are more susceptible to develop Internet addiction neuroimaging studies show that stronger activation and connectivity of regions associated with mesocortical in the reward system that system related to nervous system among male relative to females the second one is overall health and fitness right it’s mean that they have a problem of physical and mental health and fitness that the overeating or lack of exercise lead to obesity for hell habit right including smoking poor eating habit for what behavior they are sitting or standing for a long period of time maybe they use our poor mouthing mechanic activity outside the bread players some have a hard physical physical force upwards Porsche or repetitive action personality trait and temperament related factor is just like Nero’s decision anxiety sensation-seeking introversion low emotional stability and hostility or aggression have been associated with Internet addiction and the last one is psychopathology is related to Internet addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder just like with our anxiety and depression maybe by the original the these are like amazing pieces of information that would show us something as small as posture to the brain work and matters in the causes and effects of Internet addiction so thank you very much then so move let’s move on to economic risks factors okay please yes for the economic risk factors there will be six risk factors first one is type of digital device second is type of use third one is the duration and frequency of use and the fourth one is portion of users the fifth is human device interaction techniques and the last one is workstation and environment oh so how would you explain each one and you doesn’t mean that we have to change all of these yes I will tell you more detail such as the first one is the type of digital device the big organ which are coming with tablets is the keyboard mouse and the screen all on the same device that the convenience of this design is a major draw that has made them so popular however for prolong use the poster required to use a typical tablet even more extreme than compared to using a laptop and this and this mean greater economic risk that Kullen research farthest apart tablets required more bent neck posture to view the screen this fact is in addition to the mechanical demand in the neck can increase three to five times during CT tablet computer use versus a seated neutral posture this is likely to be associated with a much greater load on the neck and poses greater musculoskeletal demand on the body tablet use is therefore a great risk for injury or discomfort for long-term user and the other risk factor is the type of use duration and frequency of use portion of use user human device interruption technique workstation and environment that’s an eye-opening moment for me and every thought at certain devices or a certain angles and would put myself including other colleagues and at risk of developing certain injuries so what what signs are there then to tell us that we need to be aware or be careful about assistive use of technology or those devices yes I will tell you some size of some educator to know that there and their economic risk such as the redness or swelling on the affected joint the next one is the skin around area is warm to touch next one is produced range of motion for the affected charge the next one is fatigue and also you if you pain Sun is burning or itching sometimes you will have some clumsiness and tender to touch somebody will have Pinklon numbness weakness or change of skin color so these are little signs are shows small signs are cannot be overlooked when you use a device then it’s now the third and the last factor social and environmental factors for this factor we have seen that a lot of Wi-Fi arawa’s right that mean that mobile foreign can use a Wi-Fi this mean that is course some addict to the internet then those without extensive access these factors is benefit for focus of preventive and early identification measure among the risk group and their family now this is like a tip to adjust our home environment you to prevent us from the rescue okay so those are very helpful tips and a wealth of information in the digital age thank you very much then for your time and sharing of your expertise miss grew grave oh man professor some punch I thank you very much and for equipping us with knowledge and information in the digital era so I hope that you have learned information tips advice and research Fighting’s on risks factors related to digital health and wellness so see you and to the next module

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