Do Weighted Blankets Work?

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Beautiful internet acquaintances! Have you ever had its own experience of something ariving just like literally on the perfect period? That happened before with this lovely pack. I am super agitated to let you know that this is technically a sponsored video but also I reached out to this corporation because I wanted to try this forever. This is a weighted blanket.

If you’ve been following my channel for a bit while you know that I talk a lot about feeling and depression and issues sleeping, especially question sleeping since amputation, and feeling has skyrocketed. With all the life changes I think it’s just been really difficult because I feel like everything’s unstable and like with more changes like heading back into surgery and not being able to walk and like the differences in body image and just like all of that I was genuinely spiked anxiety in general and also made it so that I cannot sleep without some kind of sleep facilitate like feeling and feeling are things I have struggled with for a while I have some tools to deal with them but I’ve always been able to sleep but I have not been remaining is like this foreign abstraction to me

I’m up until the early hours of the morning like attempting to sleep I’ll take zzzquil don’t really want to be taking drugs so with that said I wanted to try something else I will brandish these at you if you catch the joke from another video weighted coverings are known to promote remainder and certainly used to help nervousness and so those are like the two biggest issues I’ve been having cardboard oh is useful so this one is the it’s heavy which is delicious the degrees of convenience weighted covering what’s really cool about this one I’m excited to try then it comes with a blanket so I can actually rinse it given the dog “hairs-breadth” status likewise a cool thing about it that I liked more than other curve Lincoln’s I’ve looked at is that it comes with a second embrace – one for like hot weather and cold weather when you’re dealing with heaviness on you it can get a little bit warm having be cool duvet cover alternative is super helpful but it is really cold in Colorado so I’m gonna stick with you warm one for now like actually super soft more is not merely will it stifle away my anxiety but it is comfy like I said this one is by degrees of solace

I’ll set a relate down below but I actually want to try this out and let you guys know how it really is have you ever tried a weighted blanket before let me know and though I’m interested what your experience with them has been so you guys is recognized that I am a really big exponent reports but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy do you have an appointment in about an hour and I find that my feeling tends to various kinds of start to soared the closer

I get to that time that I would take a nap actually before I go and I will let you guys know how it goes with my new fancy channel to blanket satisfy super nice assure okay so this analogy might sound creepy you know like when you’re upset and someone gives you like a big close-fisted hug and it helps this almost would seem to be that like having pressure around me feel safe I think are you gonna help is she still here people and now I need to get up to do stuff but I really don’t want to so I actually have to get up and get ready to go to counseling but candidly I feel like this does something and I haven’t even been laying down that long just like 20 instants like I’ve always heard that deep influence or tighten can be really therapeutic and I’ve never actually established it a shot I encounter why people say that it’s helpful because it actually is I felt certainly taken care of…

That sounds very lame to say about a covering but, I don’t know I like this helps. Now off to counseling! Well good morning again my lovely pals I wanted to give you various kinds of like a 24 -hour check-in about the weighted blanket and feeling in general. I went to counseling yesterday it’s not always a blast. So last-place nighttime it was a little bit challenging and I did use the weighted blanket to go to sleep and actually felt super nice.

Again you are able to think that having 15 pounds so wishes feel like a lot or suffocating or anything like that – polar opposite, it was super comforting and like the weight distribution was very good, so I didn’t looks a lot like there was too much load on any one of the purposes of my figure. Actually I had Brian try it also he weirdly really liked it! He generally doesn’t go for alternative anything, but he liked it and I conceive I’ll get him one as a gift.

Anxiety is such a bizarre thing because it’s not rational. Like I know that like I’m safe there’s no impending doom but my mas likes to tell me that there’s like a beast about a jumping of the chamber and ruin everything and so it exactly feels like my heart‘s beating out of my chest all the time and like I can’t breathe often and that gets the worst at night which is why this is really nice to have and it only felt allaying and loosening and is a really good tool I will contribute it to my arsenal of things to combat anxiety to actually get the hell out of here residual which heaven knows I necessity really hopeful that it will continue to promote like better rest without having to take any kind of prescription I didn’t take anything except like a little bit as equal last-place darkness and I was able to go to sleep a hopeful positive arise I will retain you updated as period going on in here but I did rest pretty well last-place nighttime

I’m curious what other people’s experience has been with weighted blankets has it helped anxiety or remain leave me a comment in the comment division below also like I said the link to purchase this blanket including with regard to which I frankly really liked there are a lot of options out there but most of them don’t come with a duet considers particularly for baby owneds or if you live in a climate where it’s hot and cold it’s pretty nice to have a pair different options for the comprises likewise I would love to hear any tips and stunts that you guys have for dealing with feeling and get good remainder in general.

I look forward to chit-chat with you guys in the comments section below as ever I love you, thank you for your assist, I’ll talk to you in the next video! Bye, guys! -Jo.

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