Do You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable bowel syndrome is perhaps one of the hardest to diagnose especially if the symptoms are mild that few people think that they even exist at all. But the symptoms are there.

Most cases of irritable bowel syndrome are actually not reported probably because most people will not be able to connect this kind of problem with a dysfunction in the bowel system, the part which takes care of the storage and excretion of solid wastes of the body. Because of its strong connection with body wastes, most people are quick to dismiss the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as something brought about by the food that they ate or the time that they ate their food. But this is not the case.

Unlike diarrhea which is caused by a bacteria that people have ingested accidentally, irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease or an illness. It is a body dysfunction that is often associated with overly sensitive bowel areas. Slightest movement can trigger contractions that may lead to constipation. Sometimes, nerves are also affected that diarrhea occurs.

There is actually no known cause for Irritable bowel syndrome. Up until now, medical experts have not yet come up with answers to the question on where it comes from. All they know is that stress and food can sometimes trigger an attack.

Diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome is dependent on the symptoms present. Symptoms should be detected accurately as doctors often base their diagnosis on the symptoms alone.

In irritable bowel syndrome, there is often abdominal pain and bloating. These are the main symptoms of IBS. The rest of the other symptoms are only there to lend support to the diagnosis. Remember that there is actually no test that can confirm diagnosis. Oftentimes, the doctor will rely on the staff to get some results.

Constipation and diarrhea are actually only secondary symptoms. People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome may have infrequent bowel excretion. If course, as to what degree, the problem depends on the person as symptoms may vary from one to another. Some find it hard to excrete their wastes while others cannot excrete them at all. Mucus, a substance that moistens the passageway of bowels in the body may also be found with the excretion. There are also some who suffer from diarrhea instead of constipation. With this condition, the person will have frequent watery stools.

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