Eating Smaller Portions of Meals to Stay Healthy

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It has been researched that small meals throughout the day can help your lose weight. This is because it enhances your metabolism rate and thus whatever you eat gets digested more quickly. Today most people in the western world eat large portions of meal and this is one of the main reasons why they are so obese and heavy weight.

Larger meal sizes also means larger calorie intake. When you eat in small portions the amount of calorie you are taking in is also less. To get started you need to normalize or more appropriately reduce the size of the meal you eat throughout the day. You can still add small portions of foods that you really like and want to eat.

Small meals works best with our body. This is because you are giving your body a small quantity of energy that it needs at that point in time. If you give the body more energy than what it actually needs then it would have to store the excess portion in the fat reserve. This results in weight gain day by day. But if you are eating in small sizes then the body does not need to store much fat and hence it can burn the earlier stored fat when time arises. This is how small size meals help you to lose weight.

It is also recommended that you should eat small proportions of meals throughout the day. So if earlier you ate three big meals then now go for 6 short meals. This would keep your body balanced and there would be a regular flow of protein to your body. The muscle tissue would stay maintained like this. And as you know more muscle tissue means increased metabolism rate and hence more weight lost.

There is another advantage of eating small meals. You don’t feel too heavy and dull as you feel after eating the full size oily and fatty meals. With smaller meals you would be more willing to move around easily and you would not feel that your body is too heavy. Thus small meals keeps you away from laziness and you are more active and energetic. So when you move around more there are more chances you would be able to lose weight and burn fat.

It is also advised to those who want to lose weight that they should have a glass full of water before starting their meal. Chew your food slowly and gradually and in the beginning to get used to the chewing process you can even count the times you chew. The more you chew the easier it would be for your system to digest the food. You can also eat salads along with your food which would fill up your stomach and you would not be willing to eat more calories.

I hope you have realized the importance of eating meals in smaller sizes in order to lose weight. Adopt this way of life today and you would feel the difference in a few days.

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