Epic 7 Days Six Pack Transformation ( Easy Diet )

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7 days diet,cmon buy this from me cheap,why not,in 7 days you become a beast i mean in 15 minutes… HAHAHAH oh people,people….. You take some homemade salat from your mother And do some shoulders As you can see This is the 7 days diet,or to say it for real 7 minutes haha Why did i do this? So i can prove you something Today how all things happen is There are commercial for diet,muscles etc. Those are all lies You just cant believe in that stupid stuff Why? Beacuse people train for years to get that body structure And you think you can be like them in 7 days or one month I am talking about this fake commercials that people throw money at pause People waste money on expensive diet and workout plans I mean there are some good plans etc.

If I havent showed you what i did behind the camera,you would believe me Why? Beacuse you see results on my body But you dont know if i was on diet or not In your head its about 50% believe in this and 50% not,but those 50% would buy this and what will happen? you will waste money right? Listen to what i say I see a lot of fake videos on youtube about this 7 days this 10 days that Don´t believe in that stupid commercials I dont want to demotivate you now with this To say that it is impossible or so…

Of course its possible,but with will power and work It´s not just,buy this plan and do this and in 7 days you are beast You have to know that you must invest time and time in this It is not scary,its about one hour per day workout,and clean eating,when you have will of course Now what did i do to make you believe this all I got up in the morning,checked my youtube and saw those videos,7days this 10 days that And the guy transformed like people that train for 3 months Immediatly when i saw it,i know it was fake like f..k I got so angry that i said,you will all see me now I got up,i took about 2 liters of water on force,so my stomach can get bigger,and get some water in my body so i look nasty I eated a lot of food for my breakfast,and i lied down watched tv for about an hour,and then i filmed myself for the beggining of the video And i was like,popped my stomach out,pulled my shoulders down like i dont want to live on this planet anymore haha You know how it goes now i standed here where is no light I did about 100 pushups,some abs and some other exercises So i can get the pump of muscles Then i took the light and moved it here on this spot Look at me here and under the light Then i got some kind of oil,and rubbed it on to my body And then i stand here pumped like a motherf….er Posing,diet this and that And that is all i did,and it took me about 15 minutes What else to say….

My stomach is not flexed cause im talking and not in action,but when you do action,then you flex your abs Its not a problem to flex abs and talk etc. People would believe I have abs now,and i havent had them before 15min I hope you learned something from this video So you dont waste money for fake stuff There are good plans but most of them are fake,im talking about the one that gets you ripped in few days Today everyone can open a youtube channel and put some fake material Im gonna make this and take theyr money bla bla Watch yourself Im not saying that you need to trust me or follow what i do,i was just showing you what kind of people are out there now I have 86kg and i was able to pull my abs out with all the water and heavy breakfast I was thinking to film myself after tomorrow in the morning dehidrated,but there was no need as you can see Subscribe on my channel,like the video Comment below what do you think about this,and fake commercials out there Comment what video should be filmed,and what do you need Ill see you in the next video,i hope i said everything i was thinking,and that is it.see you

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