First-ever oral drug for Type 1 diabetes

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A game-changing medication is about to be approved by the FDA for type 1 diabetics and the best part it’s edible it’s a new option for the nearly 3 million Americans who depend on insulin to keep them alive this new oral drug is for this disease and it is the first of its kind worldwide as a type 1 diabetic Claire Pegg has checked her blood sugar levels many more times than she can count there’s so much judgment with every minute of the treatment you are good or you are bad because your blood sugar is whatever it is getting the target a1c level a measurement of blood sugar control is difficult often impossible 70% of the people in the US do not achieve target even sees that means higher risk of long-term complications like heart nerve and kidney disease there’s now a new drug though that could be reaching that target easier for people with type 1 diabetes this may be the biggest breakthrough that they’ll see the drug called sofa glyphis in’ blocks the reabsorption of sugar in the kidneys and delays absorption of glucose from the gut patients lose sugar in their urine which means less in their blood it is a big deal researchers found a two-fold increase in the number of patients who reach the target a 1c level while on the drug there are some other benefits to people luden lose about 3 to 4 percent of their body weight in addition about 10 to 15% reduction in insulin dose if it’s approved it’ll be the first oral drug for type 1 diabetes ever you’re looking for clean and beautiful like this while in the study Claire’s a1c level dropped well into that target range and she also lost 20 pounds it’s incredible it’s absolutely incredible she hopes the FDA thinks so too I will have scrip in hand and B&B waiting to get my hands on it I just I can’t wait now before insulin was discovered in 1921 type 1 diabetes was a death sentence there have been many advances in technology that have drastically improved the lives of people with the disease but new drugs to treat it have been non-existent it’s important to note as well that this particular drug will not replace insulin the FDA decision expected by the end of the month

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