Fish Oil Pills – Are Fish Oil Pills Any Good?

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Fish Oil Pills – Are Fish Oil Pills Any Good?

Fish oil pills have been around in one form or another for years now dating back to cod liver oil concentrate and then cod liver oil capsules, and although these can still be found there have been significant changes made in the type of fish oil pills available now as research has shown us if we are going to take fish oil pills then we want to take one that contains omega3.

The reason for taking one that contains omega3 is because there are two essential fats in there that the body needs and cannot create itself and they are EPA and DHA; and of the two further research has shown that it is DHA that has the most properties within it that are good for the body.

For instance, the brain is made up of around 60% fats and of this amount half is actually DHA; what happens is when you take supplements that are high in DHA then you are actually feeding the brain what it needs to function at its best and as a result of this you will find improved memory, concentration and learning capabilities to mention but a few benefits.

Another thing you will find from taking tablets with good levels of DHA in them is that they are excellent at fighting inflammation. Now mention inflammation to most people and they think joint pain and arthritis and while they are right inflammation actually runs deeper than this and has been linked to being a cause behind heart attacks and strokes; and while supplementing is not a miracle cure it certainly improves your body’s defenses.

There are other areas where omega3 fish oil pills are getting good press and these are for fighting certain cancers, assisting against digestive disorders and the list truly goers on and on. The problem is though to really get the benefits that we have listed then your fish oil pills must be high in DHA, and a lot of products that are in the market place that although contain DHA are just not high enough in it to really impact on you.

Other things you may find when trying to buy fish oil pills is that you will come across products where the fish has been frozen at sea and this has made the fish go rancid. What this does to you if you take the supplement made from this fish is give you fishy burps that will repeat on you for a long time: something else you may encounter is that the fish has not been purified either so any pollution that was in the fish is now in the fish oil pills and once you start taking them the pollution will be in you.

However I have done some research and discovered where it is possible to get good quality fish oil pills without any of the concerns listed above but with all of the benefits, and I cover that information which you can find at my website which is

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