Get Ripped Series – Day 1 – Back Training

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– Hey guys, what’s up? If you’re watching this video, good news for you, because I’m about to share a training series and that is how I come back on track. Basically a few days back, I posted a photo of me getting fat. And this is not photoshopped, this is real. See? My flex version, and if I relax, damn, I’m almost losing my abs. So to be fair, I want to take this opportunity to transform myself and also to share with you my daily routine, what to do. It helps you, to motivate you, to achieve our goal.

So the training outline for this is number one, you need to commit going to a gym. If you want to bring your physique to the next level, gym is what gives you the extra advantage to load up the weight, train to isolates the muscle. Number two is, you have to plan, right? Basically you have to commit training five times a week. Day one, we’ll be training back. Day two, we’ll be training chest. Day three, we’ll be doing legs. Day four, arms. Day five, we’ll be coming back training of our weakest part. Enough talk, stay tuned, subscribe. And I’ll see you in day one training. Let’s go. Alright, so I’m super focused and I can’t wait to crush my workout. Today is gonna be my back day and it’s not just a typical back, basically What you going to do, I’m going to do, is gonna do some body weighting work, and do some body weight work to help me to burn more calories.

This is help me to sculpt my body and to maintain and build my muscle mass. Alright? One thing to keep in mind is before you start training, you must be full focused, right? Forget about playing your phone, forget about thinking of your work and stuff, alright? One thing that can really help you to stay focused is caffeine. Now, caffeine can be good, but can be very bad if you’re training in the evening. I’ll leave it to you and, let’s go! I’m all excited. You are excited too, but never skip your warm up, right. So a good way to warm up is probably can spend five minutes doing some cardio. Just to bring up your body temperature. And after that, light dynamic warmup. And this is how we start a great workout. Okay, five minutes down and light one will do, as you can tell from here. I am like, still can talk to you, alright? So, not done yet.

Gonna do one light warm up of the exercise particular based And, let’s go. Now, the first exercise is a barbell row and this will trains your entire back, lower back, lats, the thickness of overall, of your posterier muscles, right? So you want to start with empty bar before you start your workout. Ten reps, keeping your posture solid. Now, second warm up set just add up the weight a little bit. Keeping the form steady, just want to feel the resistance. Let’s go. Right, so adding the weight. A little bit heavier. Each set, aim about ten reps. Let’s go. Rest about 90 seconds, 60-90 seconds. Get a stopwatch or go by feeling. But, make sure you don’t rest too long. Right? So that’s exercise one, four working sets. Now, we’re about to do a lat pull down now as a second exercise that trains the lats, that gives the V shaped back, right? So as usual, start light and then start heavier after that.

Alright, make sure you don’t go too heavy at first. If you go too heavy, you’ll be using your arms instead of your back. Now, to hit your back, make sure your mind must be present every time when you pull just think of your back being firing up. That’s how you work your back instead of other secondary muscles. Four working sets, take a break. Next is an active rest and I’ll see you next. So taking a short break from all the weights right now, you’re gonna use only your body weight. We’re going to do some body weight exercises. Go by time. Gonna be three exercises. Each exercise, do 20 seconds. Okay, only one round will do. This is just to keep your body active. And next, gonna go back to the weights and train some muscles.

Let’s go. Now the third weights exercise you’re about to do right now is the reverse flys that trains your rear delt and your upper back, the middle back, right? So use this version of bench. Chest on the bench. That gives less pressure in the lower back. And, let’s go. Alright, last of all for weights training is the traps. Now, traps is considered the back muscles. So, right here, I’m gonna use dumbbell and do a shrug. Right? Going a little bit heavier. Shrug, you can easily go heavy. But all you need to do is, again, bring your shoulder as high as you can. Try to bring your shoulder to your ear. I know I have a big ear. But trust me, it’s very effective if you think this way.

So aim about 15-20 reps, o until your forearm is about to give up, right? It’s a forearm training as well. Alright, so that’s pretty much for all the weights training. But, we are not done yet. We still have one more to go and this is another body weights training. I call this the final blow. Right, so the exercises I’m about to do is here, in the Iron Mastery app. Basically, all the training we’re doing today is from this Iron Mastery app, right? Exercise one, exercise two, active rest, and so much more. So, right, body weight. Last one, stay strong. Let’s do it. Yup, well done! This is day one training. We’re training back, we did some body weight stuff to burn calories. Now, this is doable for everybody and it’s not that hard. Now, if you come back on track, try not to do something too crazy because this is where you work too hard at first but over time, you know you can’t keep up the pace, and this is where you get fatigued, and worse comes to worse you get injuries, right? So you want to start slow, just like this.

This is a very good pace but you find this is too easy work your own weights, work your own intensity, bring up your own volume. But if you think it’s too hard, back off a little bit. Now, train smart, right? Rest well, we still have tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ve got to train chest. Wish you all the best and I’ll see you tomorrow. Peace. .

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