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The following article will guide you on what foods you should add to your everyday diet and what foods you need to stay away if you want to lose weight. It is also very important to give much attention to the portion of meal you are eating throughout the whole day.

You need to first understand the difference between good carbohydrates and bad ones. There are many bad carbohydrates that you eat everyday which results in excess weight gain in a small period of time. These can be categorized as pasta, cakes, white bread, and polished rice. On the other hand it is important for you to eat good carbohydrates to stay healthy and in proper shape. Good ones can be listed as brown rice, wheat pasta, grain bread and many other things. You need to add them in your diet but also give attention to the proportion of good carbohydrates you are consuming in a day. It is recommended that you go for shorter regular meals instead of larger heavy meals less frequently in the day time.

Juices which are available in the market are full of bad carbohydrates and are high in calories. If you want to have some juice then you can have fresh fruits which would have all the natural ingredients. So if you want to get ripped then you must not drink the fizzy drinks neither the processed juices. They are all very high in sugar which is definitely not good for your health. Also bear in mind that you need to stay away from alcohol or beer. They can really make you gain extra weight which would then get difficult to shed off.

Another thing you need to stay away while trying to lose weight is junk foods. Although these taste very good but they have no good in them for your body. You can instead eat some healthy homemade snacks with brown bread and grilled chicken. They would also taste very good and would also help you to stay in shape.

If you feel you want to have some dessert then you must indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables. You can add them in yogurt and they would just taste awesome to your taste buds. Keep away from pastries, cakes, pies and ice creams, because they are just overloaded with calories.

It is obvious and should already be known that you need to keep away from all sorts of oily and fatty foods. You are already aware of the calories and bad carbohydrates these fried and oily foods are made of. So why would you ever want to fill your stomach with these process foods. The best thing is to add as much as fruits and vegetables to your diet as you can. These are the best natural foods and have got all the possible vitamins, fibers, proteins and calcium to keep you healthy and fit.

Follow the above mentioned tips and you would be successful in keeping your weight on the right track.

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