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Hey naturally curly world I’m Alexandra I’m Grace and I’m April and today we’re going to show you how to keep your hair healthy and cute why grow it up and as you can see we all have different hair types so we are all gonna be taking care of our inches in different ways but we can still all use the same exact family of hair product aunt Jackie is partnered with us for this video they sent us some cool stuff and we’re gonna show you guys how we style and protect our inches while we’re growing it out well let’s get started let’s do it more hair it’s the tightest of all the curl patterns you have your s patterns you have your Z patterns you have your zigzags you have your loops I’ve got a head full of basically all of those and that’s cool if you’re not taking care of it properly as your hair grows your ends might be just pop pop pop so in order to combat that and get those interests actually going so that your hair is not just breaking as much as it’s growing we need to make sure that your conditioning and detangling properly so I just actually cut off about six inches of my hair so I am new to having short hair I have type 2 hair which means that my hair isn’t quite straight but it’s also not quite curly but my hair is fine so it lays flat to my head and I’m always trying to get volume under there so a lot of movies use lighter styling products like mousses and gels as opposed to butters or creams just because we want to keep those waves we want it to be light and airy and not weighed down so that being said I am gonna use the aunt Jackie’s don’t shrink curling gel this has really good hold and definition for my hair I big chopped about two years ago y’all and it has been a journey I went for a really cute short pixie cut and I have been growing my hair out right now I’m liking that really awkward face and my hair is really longer the front I will say I have three beat curls in the front three see here in the middle and then even a little bit for a in the back as it’s not three curly one of our biggest challenges is frizz so to combat that we really like oils and butters such as olive oil and shea butter which is infused in the amount of my washy tangler I wouldn’t be a little bit edgy so what we’re gonna do today is gonna be a bantu knot fauxhawk you’re not trying to get my hair supersaturated it’s just gonna be a little spritz the cool thing about the not on my watch is that it imparts a lot of moisture on its own so that’s gonna be a lot of the shea butter in it that’s going to be a lot of the lanolin after just a few passes BAM it’s like better now then I’m gonna be moving on to the knots let me grab the pearl Allah just a little curl Allah you never want to go too heavy with defining products even if you have chorus one like I do but the cool thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t get sticky and tuck those and all the way in and now I get to do this buck 60 all right you guys as you can see the bantu knots are done my arms are super tired but my hair looks super fresh and quite honestly this is a look in and of itself but I do have other plans so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna let this set overnight I’m gonna sleep your silk cap on and because I sleep like a tornado I’m gonna also sleep with my satin pillowcases on and we’re gonna check on how the bantu knot out portion of my faux hawk is gonna come out tomorrow morning I’m gonna do it cute half-up half-down quick style for y’all you know usually I do wash and gos but sometimes it’s really fun to try a new style so that’s what we’re gonna do today I’m back I just washed and conditioned my hair and then I put a little bit of this don’t shrink gel in while my hair was soaking wet after that i flossed and my next step is gonna be I’m gonna flip over my hair and put a little bit more gel on my palms I’m only gonna take a little bit maybe like half a tablespoon and just scrunch scrunch some more gel into my hair to really get that definition in there don’t be too worried about any crunchiness because if your hair gets a little bit crunchy at the end of this you can just scrunch it right out so next I’m going to clip my roots um just to give them a little bit more volume so with this big hair cut I cut off a lot of hair that was dry split ends and color-treated ends so now I’m really taking this as an opportunity to make more healthy and because this gel has flaxseed and wheat protein and Omega threes in it it really helps keep it healthy in case like you decide to grow it out so my hair is clipped I’m gonna let it air dry for a few minutes and and now I’m going to take out these clips and it does have a little bit of crunch to it because of the gel so I’m just gonna go ahead and scrunch it and it’s really really soft but still defined which is actually really hard to get out of a gel it’s not just because this video sponsored this is the best washing go I’ve gotten so far I’ve had this haircut a week this is my new product y’all kind of want to leave it like this but I did promise you all a quick style so I’m gonna do a quick half-up half-down style I like this style because you know it’s cute it’s flirty you can wear some earrings with it make it into a date night look or what I usually use it as is I’m tired of my hair being in my face I’m gonna put it up and still look cute I’m tired of my hair being on the face of the gym I’m gonna put it up so I can work out all right y’all this is my final loca cute half-up half-down style thanks again to aunt Jackie’s for sponsoring this video and for making such a bomb gel I love it thank you so I’m gonna be doing a really quick and easy style I’m gonna be doing finger curls all around and then a crisscross beaded style on this side for that extra volume so now I’m gonna grab the number one watch you don’t have to use too much I’ve learned the hard way y’all less is molder seriously this really does smell really good sometimes section is home to a box and then section into four squares so now that I have these four boxes I tried braiding you know and I don’t know how to braid so I got really frustrated and was about to give up but then I remember there’s always something else that you can do so instead of braiding I actually just twist it so you can connect this top braid with the back one and just add a rubber band and then this will connect with the other backbone and all you have to do is a little band on you and you’re good to go so now that the hard part is in I’m going to style my hair using the don’t shrink curling gel and this is really great for hair growth because it is enriched with black seeds and omega fatty acids so I start by sectioning my hair to finger quo and I don’t know about you but the crown of my hair is definitely the craziest so I will apply a little bit more in the front just make sure it’s um moisturizing to find them and then finger coiling so literally all you’re doing is just twisting your hair then roots of tips and this helps really manipulate the hair giving a really define for her and there you go there’s the first one so this is the end result see this height you can still see all this definition I picked out a lot of it but we can still see my curls they feel moist they’re lifted but it’s not wet once more I want to go ahead and thank Aunt Jackie’s for this look I can’t wait to send a photo to mom so I’m back and I let my finger curls dry overnight because I have also been there when I tried to undo them and fluff and the definition is definitely not there and as you can see girl it is so worth it so I’m gonna also still take out these on this side cuz they rolled wet so something else that I really appreciate about the jump ring curling gel is that it did not make my hair flaky or dry it’s like that’s a huge misconception with Jill’s is that they make your hair crunchy and hard and they leave your hair really stiff and that was not the case with this gel so now I am going to add the gold cuffs and you can get these at your local beauty supply store they’re like two dollars y’all so it’s really easy to spice up your look in no time in y’all this is the final look this speaks for itself like look how to find and pop in my curls are an hour we have to get a huge shout out to aunt Jackie’s fur that don’t shrink curl cream because it gave my curls so much life like look at this shine definition y’all look how much bounce these curls have okay I love it – thank you again – aunt Jackie’s for giving us so much life while we are on our healthy hair journey and thank you for showing us how to use these products to keep our hair cute healthy and strong if you have any other questions about hair growth ask us and aunt Jackie’s in the comments below and remember we make these videos every week so after you go ahead and like this one share it around spread the love and subscribe to this channel because we’re gonna be here again next week with some work for you bye

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