Heart Failure Warning Signs and Symptoms

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Do you know the symptoms of heart failure during heart failure the heart can’t pump blood efficiently enough to meet the body’s needs because either it’s pumping ability has weakened or because the lowered left chamber has become thick and no longer holds enough blood without proper pumping fluid can build up and cause symptoms that everyone should learn to recognize swelling also known as edema is most often noticed in the feet ankles legs or abdomen sudden weight gain people with heart failure can also track their weight to help manage any swelling shortness of breath is another important symptom to discuss with your doctor especially if you notice that normal activities are getting harder to do or that your breathing is often interrupted by persistent coughing or wheezing you should also speak with a health care provider if you lose the ability to sleep and breathe well while lying down inadequate blood flow can also cause lightheadedness or fatigue confusion depression or even fainting additional symptoms can sometimes include a rapid heart rate nausea or lack of appetite if you notice these important symptoms be sure to seek medical care people who have heart failure can track symptoms to help manage it successfully for a longer healthier life know the symptoms so that together we can rise above heart failure

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