Herbal Treatment for a Herniated Disc

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Many people today are weary of prescription or chemically engineered medications. With the increase in side effects, wrongful death lawsuits, and debilitating or life threatening effects, people are simply too scared of the consequences to try prescription medications. For these types of patients suffering from the pain of a herniated disc, there may seem like there are no options for relief.

However, there are actually many herbal treatments that patients with a herniated disc can use to successfully manage pain, discomfort, and swelling. Some herbal treatments are taken internally through teas or infusions. Other herbal treatments are applied to the skin. These herbal treatments are those used by patients with a herniated disc or other back pain long before prescription medications were developed or became common place.

You should, however, be aware that herbal treatments are not a substitution for professional medical treatment. If your back pain or the herniated disc becomes worse, you should seek medical attention immediately. Additionally, be aware that many herbal treatments may be fatal or produce unwanted side effects. If an herbal treatment is not meant to be ingested, you should not take it internally. Be careful also to keep these herbal treatments away from children, as they may smell like and appear as food.

One of the most commonly prescribed medications for patients with a herniated disc is a muscle relaxer. These medications tend to make the patient feel groggy and weakened. However, there are many herbal supplements that you can take that will relieve stress and relax muscles without the feelings of being stoned or high on drugs. The best herbal treatments for this relief from a herniated disc are chamomile, lemon balm, and valerian. These herbs are ingested through a tea or infusion. (An infusion is somewhat like a tea, but with the water completely strained of the herb.)

The second most commonly prescribed medications for patients with a herniated disc is a pain killer. These medications can not only cause drowsiness and weakness, but can also become quite addictive. Thankfully there are many herbal remedies for pain in joints such as a herniated disc. Most of these treatments will be external. The herbs are usually ground and rubbed into the skin using a carrier such as witch hazel, grease, or oil. Arnica, also known as Nightshade or Wolf’s Bane, is one of the best herbs to use for this type of herniated disc treatment. It is extremely poisonous when taken internally, however, so be sure to keep it away from eyes and mouth, and out of the reach of children.

There is also another great pain reliever for those who suffer pain from a herniated disc. This herbal supplement has been used in injections frequently by back surgeons for pain management and reduced swelling of a herniated disc. However, the herbal supplement has been used for centuries for this purpose, and can be found in many over the counter preparations, for both internal and external uses. This herb is often called meadow saffron, but is known also by its Latin name Colchicum.

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