Home Treatment for Herniated Disc

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Just because you have a herniated disc, it doesn’t mean you have to rush into surgery in most cases. You may not even want surgery if given the option. Often, there are ways you can use home treatment for herniated disc.

Your doctor may prescribe medication for you. This home treatment for herniated disc is simple: take the pills as prescribed and you will feel some relief. Doctors use different types of drugs for this.

Some send you home with a muscle relaxant and some type of pain reliever as a home treatment for herniated disc. Pain relievers used are acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and aspirin. The muscle relaxants will usually make you sleepy. You should not drive when you are taking them.

The pain relievers, often in high dosages, can also cause impairment in everyday functioning. These home treatments for herniated disc are best used only at home or in some other safe environment. They are most appropriate to bridge the gap between the time you first report the pain and the time you are able to take other measures to lessen it.

Oral or injected corticosteroids are often used for those who don’t want surgery and opt for home treatment of herniated disc instead. They are anti-inflammatory drugs. The injections are used in the spaces between the vertebrae to reduce swelling and pain. They do not cure a herniated disc, but only help with the severe discomfort some people feel.

Sometimes a doctor will see that you need some sleep to be able to heal a bit before you tackle the problem of other home treatment for herniated disc. In this case, you may be prescribed an antidepressant or another kind of medication that will bring on sleep.

In the beginning, you can use hot and cold packs to help relieve the soreness. You can use ice, or a bag of frozen peas works nicely. Put it on the painful area for twenty minutes. You can do this several times a day as a home treatment for herniated disc. You can also use a heating pad, but don’t overdo it. The heat can make it worse in some cases.

Of course, you should try to avoid the kinds of movements that aggravate your symptoms. You should even rest for a couple of days. However, you should then try to start getting a little bit of exercise as a home treatment for herniated disc.

Begin by walking around your neighborhood or doing simple tasks. Gradually start to do more until you have resumed your normal activities. This is the best home treatment for herniated disc. Whatever you do, don’t take to your bed and stay there. Your back will become very weak and even more vulnerable.

If you try home treatment for herniated disc, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should consider the fact that surgery often goes better the sooner it is undertaken. Second, you should be very alert to what symptoms require immediate medical attention. While you can have good luck with home treatment for herniated disc, you should do so with caution.

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