How to Apply Tummy Cream for Pregnancy

BDAH -Palmers-Cocoa-Butter-FormulaBELLY CREAM

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hey guys it’s Kara and today I want to do a review of my polymers cocoa butter formula with vitamin E.
Now I have been using this moisturizer for many years I absolutely love it and it’s amazing if you guys have dry or itchy skin or sensitive skin and you could even use this after you shave your legs and it won’t sting the hell out of them like some other moisturizers do.
Now I would apply this right before a bed because it is a little bit thicker than my other lotions that I’d say if I was going out or something I would use a thinner kind or just use actually a Vaseline and moisturizer for that kind of thing because it actually absorbs very fast.
 This one I love to apply before bed and it is absolutely amazing and it
smells absolutely fantastic I love the smell of cocoa butter .
Now I do have some other things to say when it comes to this product and that is it has a fragrance free line.
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