How To Get A Body Like Cristiano Ronaldo

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What’s up sin duda nation and YouTube nation and Internet as a whole today we are doing a body breakdown for the man himself cristiano ronaldo now first off why are we picking cristiano to do a body breakdown well here is undue fitness we promote the exact physique that this guy walks around in every day he’s athletic he’s lean and he’s a good amount of muscle mass that make him look good in the suit but also awesome with the shirt off as well I’m telling you if Cristiano came up to me and he want to go on a date with me I’d be like yo man seafood dinner on me Red Lobster tonight let’s roll so Cristiano I’ve been doing some research on you man and I found out your secrets and I’m about to share them with the whole internet world here’s the deal Cristiano does not stop his football season may have an off season that stalker to you people from the US like me but he doesn’t stop going I looked up his workout program and this guy’s training five days a week whether he’s in season or not so first of all if you want to sculpt out a physique like he has you have to build a little bit of muscle mass he’s not a huge guy but you do have to be training a little bit the second part of his training routine is all the stuff that he’s doing sports specific to football which is extremely explosive that means doing Sprint’s doing box jumps doing agility work this is a lot of same stuff that we’re doing over as endu Fitness we talked about doing jump rope and doing fast jump rope training and learning a new skill here’s the deal guys Ronaldo is doing a lot of exercise and you need to take that into account when you’re looking at your own routine okay you can’t just look at his nutrition regimen because this guy goes out on the soccer field and he’s running for three hours at a time you’re probably not doing that in your normal life so you need to think about getting the basics downs for your physical training and then honing in your nutrition if you want to create the same physique as him so here it is as far as your fitness regimen goes you need to do the basic lips like he does I would recommend doing a split maybe Monday Wednesday Friday hitting your main core lifts like bench press squat maybe doing deadlift or military press whatever your preference is beyond that you want to be incredibly active with your high intensity training so you want to be doing exercises that have all-out intensity followed by complete rest and if you can find exercises that have that pattern they’re going to be halfway there the second part of getting the Cristiano Ronaldo physique is honing in your nutrition so this guy talks about all the time that he tries to get his fruits and veggies up and he doesn’t drink alcohol and I want you to know that you don’t have to follow that exactly but keep that in mind okay so what does it mean when he’s not drinking alcohol it means he just has a lower overall calorie consumption than the average person or maybe the average football player Cristiano Ronaldo I’m sure has his own nutritionist working on staffroom so I’m gonna do the best I can to give you the same result that he has so I’ve included a little calculator and a little tutorial here to help you calculate how much food that you need to be eating for your body so this works for just about everyone here’s myself and 26 year-old I love making this video on demand mail I weigh 185 pounds I am 6 foot 2 which is 74 inches I am highly active because you guys I’m exercising every single day and then some my goal is to lose weight you know when I stay nice and lean so I’m gonna go down here and click calculate calories but there’s one more step I’m a guy a man’s going to click high for protein I’m going to calculate it again if I was a woman I would calculate medium this is for protein down here guys so if you’re a woman go medium calculate again you’ll see the protein carbs fat ratio changes if your man click high protein calculate there you go you get your numbers down here total calories carbohydrates proteins and fats once you have this you can head over to site like my opinon and create an account here and then on the daily track your food intake whatever you’re eating just put it in there and make sure you’re getting the numbers that the calculator alright guys not more than MyFitnessPal half super easy that’s it wait but Brandon what about those Cristiano Ronaldo ABS how do I get those here’s the thing guys Cristiano is just incredibly lean if you want to get abs like that you just have to remove more body fat so if you want to do that you have to follow this tutorial advice that I gave you earlier in this video you need to be doing at least 3 to 4 workouts a week that are high intensity and you need to be lifting weights at least 2 to 3 times a week as well if you get these three pieces together then you’re going to be able to create the Ronaldo physique it’s all about staying lean it’s all about being consistent yes you’re not going to get it in one week but if you stay after it if you apply the principles you learn this video you’re going to look like that guy and you’re gonna look good I’ve also linked up our video for how to get a six-pack because it’s a lot of the principles I talked about here in the video but of course here I’m talking specifically about Renaldo’s body and if you want to know really some more tactics on that go ahead and click the link down in description as well everything you need is in the description so make sure you check that out if you stay consistent you’re going to look like that do Ronaldo

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