How to Manage Herniated Disc Pain

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You may not want surgery for your herniated disc. Or, you may not even need to go so far as having surgery. More often than not, a herniated disc will repair itself within months without treatment. Perhaps you just need help learning how to manage herniated disc pain.

The most common way to manage pain is to use medications. There is a danger of using strong pain relievers for a long time. You can become addicted to them and it will become harder and harder to manage herniated disc pain. However, it has been shown that taking pain medications can speed healing.

You can use over the counter pain relievers to help manage herniated disc pain. Simple aspirin can be used, but often these days, other medications are used instead. Ibuprofen is a good choice, as is acetaminophen.

Your doctor might give you medications to manage herniated disc pain as well. One choice is opioids. These include a long list of medications like codeine and oxycodone. They are often combined with other pain relievers to make a combination medication. These medications are very strong and prolonged use can lead to dependence.

A doctor might also prescribe muscle relaxants to help manage herniated disc pain. These are useful because the muscles around a herniated disc will swell. This encloses and protects the disc, but at the same time, it makes the back feel stiff and painful. Relaxing the muscles makes the herniated disc, along with the rest of the back, less sore.

Physical therapy may be recommended by your doctor to manage herniated disc pain. This might be a series of exercises that you will need to learn during physical therapy sessions. Then you put them into practice at home. Different physical treatments such as heat can be used to manage herniated disc pain as well.

If you haven’t had surgery, you can go to a chiropractor for help in managing herniated disc pain. The chiropractor, or any expert who does such manipulations, can help ease your pain by taking pressure off of pinched nerves.

The procedure will have other benefits. For example, endorphins will be released which are a natural pain reliever in the body. The only problem with chiropractic procedures is that most practitioners won’t work on you if you’ve already had surgery. However, for many people, the services of a chiropractor can be a good way to manage herniated disc pain.

Massage helps in some of the same ways to manage herniated disc pain. The kneading of the muscles relaxes them. Blood flow will increase in the area, accelerating healing. Also, in chiropractic manipulation and massage alike, the working of the muscles or other parts of the back increases the range of motion you will have in them.

In case you have to wait for surgery, managing herniated disc pain is a necessity. Sometimes, if you manage the herniated disc pain for a few weeks, the disc will repair itself without other medical intervention. For the sake of your back, you owe it to yourself to do what you can to alleviate the pain of a herniated disc.

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