How to Relax and De-Stress After the Holidays

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After the holiday season, you still have several months of winter left to cope with, so you
must find ways to de-stress and relax. You may have been super busy throughout the
holidays, giving you little time for reducing the stress of shopping and going to parties.
Here are some winter care tips to help you feel better after the holidays end.

Create a Soothing Bedroom

First, you should create a soothing bedroom to cope with the cold temperatures at night.
You may want to replace your old mattress and box springs by shopping at an after
Christmas sale. In addition, January is a great time to find new bedroom linens at
reduced prices so that you can have new items such as a thick comforter, heated
mattress pad and soft flannel sheets. This is also an excellent time to replace
lightweight curtains with heavier draperies so that there are fewer cold drafts in your

Visit a Day Spa

Winter is the perfect time for visiting a day spa for relaxing treatments to eliminate the
stress from the holiday season. You can request a facial to cleanse and moisturize your
skin, or you might prefer a full-body wrap that includes an application of mud and herbs.
A spa will have additional amenities such as whirling hot tubs or warm saunas to help
you feel better. It is also possible to have an assortment of massages along with beauty
treatments such as pedicures, haircuts and manicures.

Change Your Diet Plan

If you have gained weight during the holidays, then you will want to change your diet
plan to lose a few pounds. You may have consumed a lot of bad carbohydrates such as
cookies and noodles throughout the holidays, so you can switch to eating numerous
fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Create new daily menus that include three meals
and two snacks so that you can control what you eat rather than grazing mindlessly.
With these menu plans, you can create a grocery-shopping list to avoid buying junk
foods while you are at the supermarket.

Plan Your Exercise Routines

When you have avoided having an exercise routine, January is the perfect time to join a
fitness center. This is the time of year that local gyms are offering discounts on
memberships, and a fitness center is a heated indoor space away from snow or ice.
You will have access to an assortment of exercise equipment such as elliptical
machines, stationary bicycles and free weights. Most fitness centers also offer classes
that involve group activities such as yoga or calisthenics. Joining a class at a fitness
center is an excellent way to socialize with others while also increasing the strength of
your muscles and bones.

Maintain a Regular Schedule

You may have had a poor daily and weekly schedule during the holidays because you
were busy with Christmas shopping and holiday activities, but in January, you can begin
to maintain a regular schedule again. To feel your best, you must go to bed at the same
time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. You will also lose more
weight if you eat your meals and snacks at the same times on a daily basis.

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