How To Take Care Of Your Hair Men – 5 Healthy Hair Tips For Men

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What’s up everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today’s video guys I’ll be sharing with you five tips on how to make your hair healthy and as always there is new videos so many with timestamps links in the description if you guys want to skip to specific points the tip number one is to be Careful with wet hair now. I know a lot of guys like you just wash their hair towel dried angle right to bed But the problem here is that when your hair is wet. It is a lot more prone to damage because those fibers are relaxed They have a lot of weight on him because of the moisture of your hair and this is the quickest way to damage your hair But when it comes to towel drying your hair, you need to know how to do it properly So you don’t damage your hair. What I recommend doing is start off by patting your hair down it is gonna remove the most amount of moisture that is on the surface of the hair and Then go three passes or word in back front to back and side to side and that’s it Now if you’re going to be combing your hair when it is what I highly recommend you going with a wide tooth comb Instead of a fine toothed comb because why tooth combs they don’t pull and tug a lot of your hair They have a lot wider teeth So that means it’s gonna be a lot more gentler with your hair versus when the fine-tooth comb is into it Just tug doesn’t snag and really damage your hair and potentially even pull out some of your hair But you do not want tip number two on this list is to ease up on the blow-drying now I know men’s hairstyles have come a long way However, they require a lot of heat and a lot of blow-drying to get those specific hairstyles The problem here is is that if your hair is already sort of dry damaged or not and it’s healthiest blow drying on high heat you’re going to basically suck out all the moisture that is in your hair all your essential oils any condition that you have in any other hair pie that you haven’t it’s going to leave your hair feeling dry and Fairly and look pretty dead actually cuz maybe you’ve seen some hairstyles with not healthy hair your hair looks fairly dead And it’s a little bit all over the place What I personally recommend you doing is to blow-dry your hair off on a low heat setting For 50% of your hair style now, is it gonna add the most amount of volume to your hair style? No, but you have to sacrifice a little bit of hair style for a little bit more of healthy hair Which is our goal here, once you’re 50% done your blow drying press is switch over to cold air cold air Doesn’t harm your hair whatsoever It actually helps seal in and lock up those fibers and keep it from getting excess Dryness and it’s a great thing that a lot of guys don’t do It’s actually recommended that you if you’re gonna finish off your hairstyle, even if you’re using a high heat Blow-dry with cold air she can lock it into place and preserve as much health Your hair tip number three on this list I’m stealing it from the ladies and that is to trim your ends nowadays women usually have a lot longer hair than we do They know how to take care of their hair way better than we do in What they like to do is get their ends trimmed when they go get a haircut This is amazing because your ends that hair has been on your body for the longest amount of time Which means way more prone to dryness? Damage and split and even if you don’t have longer hair This is just a great way to maintain hair help when you’re getting your hair cut.

Simply. Tell your barber Hey take a little bit off the top just the end not even half a centimeter You’re gonna cut that end is gonna reveal that newer hair cuz you’re gonna cut that fire, but that’s a new hair That’s healthy hair that’s been waiting there underneath all this cluttered dead hair to be reborn its rejuvenated It’s a quick thing You can do once a month a no-brainer to keep your hair healthy if you’re enjoying this video so far Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel because I am posting two videos a week Covering a wide range of men’s lifestyle topics to help you become the best version of yourself moving on tip number four on this list I’m back to hair styling and that is to stop using low-quality hair styling products now It can be a bit of a tough process to determine whether something is low quality or high quality But I have breaking it down into a few easy steps to follow number one is when you’re selecting your hair product Give it a smell does it smell strong? There’s a smell sort of alcohol.

He does it have this strong odor to it If it does, it’s also probably lower quality a lot higher quality. Probably the Hanz de Fuko claymation, which is the $35, but it’s amazing It has a very soft smell which is an indicator of a bit higher quality products The second thing you want to look for is is it alcohol-free? Is this sulfate free? And is it paraben free? A lot of these stuff are cheap ways to make an effective hairstyling product because what they do is they shrimp away a lot of oils and moisture from your hair in order to get it into That position and the thing is this dry out your hair what you know We want that doesn’t make your hair healthy if your hair sighing product contains sulfates parabens or any alcohols in it It’s probably of a lower quality It’s going to do more damage to your hair some of the things you want to look for it to tell if your product is high quality is read the Ingredients if they’re things like castor oil Beeswax, or certified organic extracts.

That is a great sign that you have a higher quality hair product Is it going to be perfect probably not but this is a good indicator that you have a higher quality hair product Also, if it says it has botanicals that’s even better because that’s what’s gonna help your hair Stay healthy the fifth and final thing on this list is a bit of a DIY and that is hair masks what a hair mask basically do is basically a Rehydrating mask for your hair just like those face ones I’m gonna show you the quickest and easiest and also the most effective hair mask that you can make it only takes two Ingredients you’re gonna need a couple things for it Isn’t the first thing you want to get is a small mixing bowl Once you have your small mixing bowl next thing you’re going to need is a teaspoon Now here comes the important ingredients you’re going to need coconut oil coconut oil is amazing the second thing that you are going to need is aloe vera aloe vera is like The second best of coconut oil now if you have aloe vera slices this works even better, but you can use the gel version It’s gonna do its job fairly well So what we’re gonna do is that we’re going to mix one half coconut oil to one half aloe vera I’m using a 1 teaspoon to 1 Teaspoon of measurement and you’re going to put it in your little mixing bowl and stir it up till you have this sort of Whitish greenish paste now once that is mixed up You can use more depending on how long your hair is once this is done You’re going to scoop it up into your hand spread it out through your hand and get Going apply it to your hair from root to tip and also make sure to get into the scalp a little more because aloe vera is Anti-inflammatory and the coconut oil is also antibacterial So this is gonna actually help get a good deep cleaning to your scalp as well as nourish your hair But I think about combining combining these two ingredients is that it’s going to remove a lot of dirt or an X crap that you build up around your hair and a lot problem is a lot of guys don’t clean their scalps properly and This hair match will get the job done because the ingredients do most of the work for you actually a lot of things a lot Of signs that can lead to you leading to hair loss is you have a dirty clogged scalp then oxygen needs to get into their circulation needs to get into the falkland if it just Cluttered with a whole bunch of dirt and oily you could actually end up losing your hair So use this mask once to twice a week and Your hair will be happy and healthy and you’ll be preventing hair loss in the future there You guys have it five tips on how to keep your hair healthy is a little bit of a quick video But I think is an important topic to cover you guys enjoyed this video and would like to see more content like this Be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel because i’m posting two videos every single helping you become the best version of yourself Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you see in the next video peace

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