Information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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A lot of people have experienced having to go to the bathroom because of an upset stomach. It’s all too common to feel that they need to go every once in a while (in their case more than once in a while) but relieving themselves are not the single best way to cure their pain. People have mostly related this feeling to Loose Bowel Movement or LBM, but there are cases that a person experiences having to go to the bathroom and being constipated at some other occasion. The misconception is the have either constipation or LBM but the truth is they have both. Constipation and LBM on the same occurrence is a nightmare but it happens and a lot of people are encouraged to look for information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is fairly hard to classify. The symptoms involved with the disease are fairly hard to recognize because it involves constipation and LBM. People looking for a cure or a support line for the sickness would be at a dead end once they start looking for it in the wrong places.

The best way to know information on IBS is to look into how your gastrointestinal tract works. Our intestines move the food down our body by pushing it down, this is called propulsion. There are also stops in the movement called segmentation. The combinations of the movements make up peristalsis. When there is an abnormal pause or uncoordinated movement in the intestines it also causes abnormal movement of bowel. When there is too much propulsion inside the body, we experience Loose Bowel Movement. So, when there is too much segmentation in the intestines there is Constipation.

Easy to remember right? But how do we look into the causes of IBS? IBS occurs when the intestines also have a misunderstanding in the motion. The gastrointestinal motion sequence is either altered or a psychological event triggers a physiological disruption of nerve signals sent to the intestines causing them to move in uncoordinated rhythms. These triggers are often the cause of IBS. Anger, depression, bereavement and even failure can cause IBS. Mostly adults experience IBS because of the social and economic pressures that are placed upon them. Mostly parents, young professionals and even country leaders experience IBS once in a while.

IBS is not a curse, the pain and the inconvenience it causes surely is a burden but there are cures that are available for people suffering from it.

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