Lifestyle Changes to improve Your Fertility

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If you are a woman of childbearing age, you might be concerned about your fertility. It is
never too early to think about boosting your fertility, even if you are not trying to get
pregnant right now. You can start working on your health today, then by the time you
want to get pregnant, you know your body is ready for conception. Here are some easy
lifestyle changes that can help to improve your fertility.

Switch to a Healthy Diet

When you suffer from fertility problems, the first thing you should do is look at basic
lifestyle choices you make each day. This is often leads women to take a look at their
diet. A good fertility diet is one that provides you with adequate nutrition throughout the
entire food pyramid, especially looking at foods that can help balance out your hormone
levels. This means plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and
healthy fats. Your doctor might also have more specific recommendations for you.

Start Walking Regularly

While you don’t necessarily have to choose walking, you definitely want to get more
exercise. Moving your body gets your blood pumping, helps reduce stress and anxiety,
and can help with many issues surrounding hormonal imbalances and other fertility
problems in women. Plus, obesity is a contributing factor to infertility, so exercise can
help you lose weight or manage your current weight as well. Find a fitness routine that
works for you, including your lifestyle and what your preferences are. This might include
yoga and Pilates, HIIT and Tabata, home workouts, or going to the gym.

Stop Unhealthy Habits

There are also some unhealthy habits that might be hurting you more than you think.
Some of these might seem harmless, while others are very obviously bad for you. For
example, it will come as no surprise that cigarettes are not good for you. If you smoke
regularly, it could be harming your fertility, not to mention how dangerous it is if you do
become pregnant. Smoking also lowers male fertility, so both of you should quit if you
can. You might also want to cut back on artificial sweeteners and processed food,
caffeine, and excessive alcohol.

Take a Multi-Vitamin Daily

It is possible that you are not getting enough nutrients through your diet, so taking an
extra multi-vitamin is a great thing to start doing today. Get into the habit of taking
vitamins daily, and once you become pregnant, switching to a daily prenatal will be easy
to do.

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