Lose 2 kgs In A Week – Weight Loss Veg Sandwich – Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas/Recipes

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Hey guys I’m Nisa Homey and welcome back to my channel today I am sharing a healthy and filling weight-loss sandwich recipe for breakfast some days back I shared a weight loss salad recipe for dinner with my Indian version of hummus hummus is a dip popular in the Middle East made with chickpea or chana which is also known as garbanzo beans after having the weight loss salad for dinner I had some leftover vegetables and hummus so the next day for breakfast I made this amazingly healthy sandwich which kept me full till lunch time having a healthy and filling breakfast helps in weight loss and weight management the vegetables and hummus gave the much-needed fiber and protein and that will keep you satiated till your next meal so let’s get started with the recipe I have already spread about a tablespoon of hummus on a slice of bread the link to the hummus recipe will be updated in the description box below so please do check it out now I have roughly chopped the vegetables which was leftover from the salad and I am placing the chopped vegetables on the hummus make sure you top it with as much as vegetables that can be filled in more veggies means more fiber and more fiber means easy weight loss now this filling sandwich can also be had as a meal for lunch and it is an excellent meal option to carry to work now for some extra healthy fats, I am drizzling in 1/4 teaspoon of Desi Ghee you can also use virgin coconut oil and I highly recommend the addition of Desi Ghee especially for breakfast.

please do check my video on the health benefits of Desi Ghee and how desi ghee helps in weight loss so trying to include healthy fats as they help in the absorption of vitamins and minerals now cover it with another slice of bread to toast the sandwich I am using a traditional sandwich toaster which can be kept on top of a gas stove or you can simply toast both sides of the bread on an iron tava and my super healthy and filling sandwich is ready to serve. do try this weight loss sandwich and let me know how it turned out. if you like to see more such videos please give a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel please click the subscribe button so that you can stay updated when I post new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye .

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