Male Infertility Treatment Options

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There exist medications, treatments and techniques that provide infertile couples the possibility of conceiving a genetic child that possesses the characteristics of both parents. However, there are no exact guarantees that all work in the fashion as earlier predicted during clinical analysis. In fact, majority of couples requires several attempts of medical intervention before they actually create conception.

Male infertility is nearly hundred percent based on sperm problems. It may either be that the male patient develops poor sperm quality, low sperm count, or worse no sperm at all. Unfortunately enough, there is still no technique that may affect the condition of the sperm cells as presented by the patient. Instead, all treatments focus on how to make the most of the sperm cells that are under study.

In male infertility treatment, the female factors should also be taken seriously as these, in fact, largely contribute to the presence of the condition. For untreated male infertility, there is only less than 50% possibility that pregnancy will occur more specifically for cases that present semen quality as the main focus of the problem.

However, it is strange how the nature of semen quality fluctuation is not understood in the medical community. Often, the belief that the treatment is effective or ineffective depending on the variability of the treatment is misleading.

Meanwhile, wide spectrum of male infertility treatments is still, for the present, has no scientific evidence to back up their effectiveness. This spectrum covers herbal treatments to hormonal treatment.

One of the simplest yet considered high-tech procedure in male infertility treatment is the artificial insemination of the sperm cells coupled with ovarian stimulation.

In-vitro fertilization, a method that is fastly becoming the ultimate option for nearly all couples who can afford the extensive treatment seem to offer a solution for infertility. Nonetheless, there are still no accurate parameters to predict the effectiveness of the treatment. In common cases, patients normally undergo 3 cycles before a possible conception is achieved. Aside from financial taxation, this infertility treatment can also exhaust the willingness of the couple to do the procedure for the 5th, 9th or who-can-guess how many more times.

Another option in aid of fertilization for poor sperm quality is the use of sperm donation. This is rarely the case though since men, with the high rate of sperm production is almost impossible of not creating semen. Nonetheless, for patients who are in need of this treatment, the assurance of success is high given the factor that the female is fertile.

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