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22 months to transform your life what would you do how about lose almost two-thirds of your own body weight that is what one teacher from Pennsylvania managed to do at one point tipping the scales at 514 pounds more than a quarter ton I introduced you to Brittany May Brittany May is a dedicated teacher from central Pennsylvania who has always had trouble with her weight growing up she says she turned to food for all emotions but two years ago Brittany hit a breaking point when she had to weigh herself on an industrial scale and saw she had reached 514 pounds that’s when she decided to change her life and now she’s lost more than half her body weight so these are the pants that Brittany used to wear but that was the old Brittany now she’s lost more than 330 pounds let’s take a look at the new bridge Wow when you look at those pants what do you think I now fit into one leg of those pants I’m creeping up on to on being one third you see people that lose half of them of themselves but to be one third of my former size but exponentially more available to just the people in my life yep so how well do you know 25 all right and you grow you grew up an emotional eater that I did if it was an emotion that could be felt I fueled it with food if I was celebrating his success at work I would stop in a drive-through on the way home if I was stressed I would fuel that with food if I was sad or even just bored if there was a feeling I used food to fix or to mend it mm-hmm and you became a teacher and you realized what about your students and your field trips so with that I had worked myself up to five hundred and fourteen pounds and I couldn’t even fit behind the steering wheel of a car my students well my students are a huge part of my journey and this is my little hello to them what grade high school okay high school but I was this agriculture teacher so I’m teaching so many hands-on physical things but I was the reason they couldn’t go on these trips because I couldn’t drive them there we couldn’t do certain competitions because I couldn’t sustain through the day I wanted to be this role model for my students but I was the reason they weren’t getting their full potential and it broke my heart absolutely is it true you were avoiding the doctor for years I did so I got my physical my junior year of high school that I needed and I didn’t go to the doctors until eight years later I just didn’t I knew because all the doctors conversations were oh you need to lose weight he should probably get some weight off and it wasn’t a fun process for me you didn’t want to hear it I don’t want to hear it well I mean obviously if you’re 500 pounds you’re thinking I need to lose some weight this is not lost on you that you’re overweight so you tried right you did you try all the diets everything under the Sun it was fad diets we would have little in home family competitions just everything but left to my own devices doing things on my own I it just wouldn’t happen so do you come from a heavy family and it is obesity run in your family not necessarily obesity a lot of my family is overweight I by far was the largest in my family by over 200 pounds but again food was just the center point of our family I mean potato was its own food group it I come I come from a heavy family and my mother always loves it when I mentioned this on television she always wants me to point out that she has lost weight now and she so for the record mom you look great but but you know was it done like as a family was everybody emotional eaters because I think a lot of people out there like myself we’re raising kids and we’re wondering how to help them with that how to how to avoid making them emotional leaders so it’s just over time again you don’t just wake up one morning at Boom 500 pounds it’s just healthy habits that you don’t necessarily realize or unhealthy habits that are happening over time but again just food it doesn’t learning our healthy relationship with food mm-hmm so you had the one of the aha moments when you wanted to weigh yourself once and for all and see how much the number was and you had to do that in a special way yes so I realized I could no longer weigh myself at home we had tried using two individual scales putting one foot on one one foot on the other note that doesn’t work that’s that’s not an accurate method but I went to my father’s workplace and it was a scale used to weigh cage tanks are fertilised in other products but there it was brushed off the dust of the screen and at 23 years of age I was over a quarter of a ton you don’t necessarily associate people weight in tons but no I was 25 year old teacher Britney Mae who has lost over 330 pounds two-thirds of her body weight in a little less than two years her mom Linda also joins us welcome okay so let’s talk about it what is the name of the plan Octavia Octavia what is that well it’s the optimal way it’s a four part component program I’ve got the support of my op too via coach and now I’m a coach pings that your friend who came to you my friend from high school absolutely Christa near and dear oh my goodness Christa said Khan and Britney come on in the water’s fine exactly all right so you need a coach coach and again she’s not the food police she’s not there to tell me I’m doing things wrong we celebrate the victories along the way we check in and plan for the week ahead but just the individual one-on-one guidance okay so that’s one what two two is a community because again we are we are humans we are meant to have a tribe and with that I have a community of people who are doing the same exact thing that I’m doing some days I’m their support and some days they’re mine look don’t you want to eat except you call up and say I’m having that Jones yep talk me through it exactly so we’re all just helping each other whatever whether it’s 10 pounds or 300 like I’m like I’ve lost we’re all just helping each other reach our best possible self just in the break of one of our audience members told us she lost 10 pounds doing octavia and you lost and your son lost 16 pounds were 60 60 60 pounds doing Octavia your mom has just started but I want to get to the other two points so you’ve got your community you’ve got your coach what are the other two healthy habits so again I didn’t just wake up one morning at 514 pounds it was 23 years of habitual badness in my life and just working through whether it’s drinking more water or getting sleep I actually didn’t set foot in a gym until three weeks ago mainly just because it was fun and I wanted to see what I could do strength wise but just getting more healthy movements in your day and one habit at a time and what’s four four is is the food component so I’m using the five one program I’m using fueling provided through the company is fueling food is it you Activia food exactly so throw up to view a few Ling’s I have these again it’s it’s quick its efficient it’s scientifically proven as a tool to help me get to my weight loss but I also have a meal on my own so I’m learning portion controls I’m learning you cooking habits it’s all four of these parts they deliver like the tray like you buy the tray of like breakfast and the tray of lunch like they idiot-proof it for you so there’s over 60 options and you can interchange them so if I want to have a brownie for breakfast some mornings just have a brownie for breakfast but they’re all interchangeable you can happen throughout your day it comes to my doorstep every month and now through those I’m using them through my weight loss program or through my weight loss journey but I have the first three parts at my leisure for life see I love a diet that as I say idiot-proof so because you don’t just don’t I have to think about it it’s like I’m just gonna eat this somebody else is already counted all the stuff but it is important to learn as well and mom so when did you start at Lynda three weeks ago and I mean so far is it hard no it’s very easy do you feel deprived because that’s the thing about diets is if you if you feel hungry they fail no how proud are you of her oh extremely extremely it’s incredible incredible and can I just ask you we had that belt out here what do you do with that belt what’s this this boat well first off I had to lose 50 pounds to wear this belt and it’s well if you don’t mind I’d like to stand for a second because it is actually longer than I have but it’s my own personal roadmap to my journey I bought this belt 50 pounds in and I’ve moved 40 belt holes since then Wow as a health coach you are helping other people at least 17 of them so you’re paying it forward as well I was are you good luck with it thank you all the best Union family hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

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