My Weight Loss

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My Weight Loss

Not too shabby
(music starts)
Okay, so, today marks the first day of one of my
personal training sessions.
This is what my body looks like.
Bam boom!
This is a lot harder than it looks.
Sitting down on the toilet was the hardest
thing I've ever had to do.
My muscles are killing me.
So I guess it's time I finally addressed
the elephant in the room.
Yes, I have lost a bit of weight.
I honestly was never gonna address it.
But as the months went on, and the more videos I posted,
the more the comments seemed to focus on one subject.
Now the big question I always get asked now is,
'So how exactly did you do it, Elle?'
And in a perfect world, I would be making a video
giving you advice on how you should lose weight.
But instead, this is the video explaining why I won't.
I'm just, like, starting to think,
'Am I doing this for the right reasons?'
(music stops)
Well, we'll find out. I don't know.
Cool. Hi, I'm Elle Mills!
And today I'm here with Kati Morton.
So Kati is a licensed therapist.
That is correct, right?
– Yes, that is correct! – Cool!
And, what are you, uh, like, is it specializing?
– Yeah you're so good! Look at you! – Thank you, I know!
I specialize, actually, in eating disorders and self-injury.
I'll just tell you but I might not even put this in.
I've been dealing with a lot of body image issues.
So I've been doing a lot of weight loss stuff.
And I think it got to an unhealthy point.
(music starts) I've been really trying hard to film.
But it's really hard,
because I can't even look at myself in the mirror.
To the point where, like,
I just didn't eat for two to three weeks.
And then I would eat a bit
and then go another 2-3 weeks not eating.
Then I would binge, and then I would hate myself.
– And I'd be like, okay.. – And then the cycle starts over.
– It's been a constant cycle for a few months now.
– It's probably a sign of your burnout.
– Okay gotcha.
– And it's a coping skill. – Yeah.
– I bet you, when you're, it's like,
drinking, or spending, or eating.
And I bet you toggle between them.
If you were my patient, I would say
I want you to track back.
So the last time you had struggles with eating,
do you remember what was going on
or how you were feeling?
And when you see the pattern,
then we have to come up with some healthy coping skills.
So that could be: calling a friend,
going for a walk. And then figure out
which ones of those work best. – Yeah
– And doing those more.
It's just a coping skill, in any way, other things that
we do in our life are. – Yeah
– So it's usually just a sign of something else.
Uh oh, it's a webcam shot!
She must be getting serious!
So this whole weight loss thing is something
I've been avoiding for a while now.
I know it was very evident that I was losing
a lot of weight very fast.
But I refused to address it because
I didn't want to lie about how I was doing it.
But I also didn't want to show unhealthy weight methods
to an impressionable audience.
I had to learn the hard way
that what I did was extremely damaging
both physically and mentally.
And getting out of these habits
was even harder to do.
And to this day, I'm still working on it.
So if there's one thing you take from all this,
just know that there are no shortcuts
to a healthy lifestyle.
And if you are hoping to find body image advice
or healthy eating and fitness tips in this video,
there are so many sources online
that are way more qualified than I'll ever be.
But what I can do is
be here to root you on from the sidelines.
As cheesy as that sounds.
(music stops)
I am fully stopping the flow of this video
because I don't feel like I have driven
in the message enough.
I think the video so far is heavily
focused on flow and storytelling
when I think I need to sit anyone down.
When I think I need to sit anyone
who is, has ever experienced
what I had gone through or is experiencing it
or having bad thoughts about themselves,
I feel like the video so far has just been me
brushing over a subject that I've been avoiding
getting in to for a long time
because I find it very hard to face.
And I think if I'm gonna address it
I have to address it face on,
and just be totally real.
Like I said,
this is something I'm still working on.
My weight fluctuates an insane amount
because of what I've done to my body.
It's not healthy. Like I said,
I don't want to lie about it.
But I really don't want anyone to do
what I did.
There aren't really any answers in this video
because I'm still working on it.
I'm getting better.
I'm definitely.. I'm at a healthier weight.
I'm eating. And the first step
I took to get better was I told someone
what I was doing. And then I told
another person and another person.
And those people, you know, made sure that I got help.
So if you are struggling with body image issues,
eating issues, please reach out to someone.
Tell anyone. Just a friend,
your parents, a professional.
It's important to get out because
it's a very serious problem.
So please, please, please
reach out to someone you trust and support.
And don't go through it alone.
Now spoiler alert. The next part of this video is
my brother and I getting me new clothes.
I really don't want it to come across as
I use this shortcut and it worked
and I look great now.
I want this last part of this video
to come across as me being comfortable
with my healthier weight,
and being more comfortable in my body.
And I'm feeling a lot better
from where I was a few months ago
in terms of eating and my weight.
So, please take this next part of the video as
me finally becoming comfortable in my own skin.
Okay, let's continue on with the video.
('Play that Funky Music' by Wild Cherry)
Well, yeah, we have a lot of f*cking work to do.
Hey Jay!
(Jay, what's next?)
(- H&M, probably.)
(- Look who has come to join us?)
– And we're spending money baby!
Not my money! (Elle laughs)
(- Alright boys. Let's hurry up!)
(Pick up the pace!)
(Why do I feel like I've heard that before?)
(Uhh I hate you so much)
(Yes!) – Yes!
(Thank you so much!) – You're welcome! Take care!
Jay is exhausted.
Only Jay can make this, and turn it into this.
(Play that funky music white boy)
(Play that funky music right)
(Play that funky music white boy)
(Lay down that boogie)
(and play that funky music 'til you die)
('Til you die)
(Hell yeah)
(music stops)
Hi, I'm Elle Mills! And in this video,
I mentioned that there are plenty of online sources
that could help you in living a healthier lifestyle.
I didn't want to leave you guys
completely empty-handed.
So I worked some magic
and teamed up with an app
that I think would be an amazing resource
for you guys.
LifeSum is a nutrition focused app
that helps you keep track of your health.
You can log in your meals,
water intake, and exercise.
And what I think is super helpful is that
they provide some great eating plans for you.
I personally find using this app has helped me
ensure that I'm eating a healthy amount of
nutritious food everyday.
The app really helps me understand
what food is good and bad for me.
And I try to get a good balance of carbs,
protein and fat in my meals
by looking in the detail section.
It's a really easy way to ensure
you're on track for your health goals.
So if you're interested, be sure to click
the first link in the description to try it out!
Thank you guys so much,
and I'll see you guys in the next video.

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