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The whole international community is gripped in mass hysteria as continued incidents of global terrorization arise all over the world.

In our country, we have more than enough share of terrorist attacks that have caused great losses. United States has continuously been attacked from outside forces and several internal breaches in security.

As such, there is a nationwide call for more consciousness and prevention of national security risks. The recent Virginia Tech shootings incident heightened the demand to strengthen the national background checks on every situation where there is great security risks involved.

United States companies are among the primary ones who are presently obligated to do a national background check on their employees. It is a shame that because of negligent hiring, companies’ reputations suffer.

Employees are significant characters in the growth of companies. Companies ensure the development of a nation. If any one employee of a company committed gross violence or indecent actions, it is a threat, not only to the reputation of a company, but also to the peace and development of the nation.

According to surveys, 30 – 50 percent of job aspirants in important US companies either lies or exaggerates information on their resume. These perjuries also occur during interviews. Given this fact, it is essential to conduct investigation and confirmation of the application data.

However, there should be a proper balance between an employer’s right to know and an employee’s privacy. The matter of every citizen’s equal rights to employment opportunity must not also be overlooked.

Many federal and state directives are introduced to standardize the category and amount of information employers need to obtain.

Employers conducting background checks must be sufficiently knowledgeable of these directives. Proper care in hiring employees must be exercised so that lawsuits of negligent hiring and such are prevented.

National background checks may compose records of employment background and history. The record may include dates of employment, testimonies from former employers, analysis of professional qualifications and credential gap analysis. It can also check inconsistencies in a resume, important details in public records and verification of references.
Technology proves to be a great help in this vein. Companies can use web-based background screening programs. These systems are formed into a questionnaire inside a protected Web site that is custom-made or exclusively designed.

How can one use these web-based national background check systems?

First, the applicants are required to input personal and professional data about themselves. The companies then receive the data entered into the questionnaires over another online program or system that specialize in information gathering. It is efficient and easy.

Through the information gathered, the screening specialists of the company will use the data input by proceeding to obtain various reports without violating any state or federal privacy laws.

Since the applicants themselves have entered the data, there is no question of the person’s authorization on the data transfer to international jurisdictions.

Once the data are finished being authenticated by professional investigators, the various reports gathered for the client are downloaded online. It can also be sent through electronic mail using encrypted personal detail form (PDF) file.

If the results are still pending, the clients can also check report progress via real-time wherever in the world he or she may be located.

Through these sophisticated, comprehensive and quick national background checks hopes to eradicate cases of negligent hiring, withholding, and disparagement lawsuits.

Furthermore, hiring based on background check results also expects to prevent spiraling recruitment that may have caused the increase of violence and theft in the workplace.

By doing national background check, employers are secure in the fact that they know significant information about their employees. This fact goes a long way to alleviating threats in national peace and development.

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