Osteoporosis: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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One of the more common medical conditions that plagues women more than men is
osteoporosis. This occurs when you lose bone mass and density, often from natural
aging. This can create a lot of different issues for you, so it is best that you try to prevent
it. Here is more information about osteoporosis and what you can do about it.

Causes of Osteoporosis

Anyone can get osteoporosis, though it is often considered something women get. This
is only because the risk is much higher in women. It is something that affects millions of
people around the world. There is no single cause of osteoporosis since it is simply a
loss of bone density, but there are many contributing factors. If you are a woman, you
are already at a higher risk. Some other risk factors include malnutrition and not getting
enough vitamins and minerals, being an older adult, and having a thinner frame. You
might also be at risk if other people in your family had osteoporosis. Additional risk
factors include smoking and drinking, not getting enough exercise, and using certain

How to Know You Have Osteoporosis

Not sure if you are currently suffering from osteoporosis? Only a doctor can tell you that,
unfortunately, and there really are no early warning signs and symptoms. However, as it
progresses, you might start noticing a few changes in your body. This includes a
posture that is stooped that you can’t seem to straighten out, getting shorter over time,
and having back pain that never really goes away. If you are experiencing these
symptoms, talk to your doctor about examining you for osteoporosis.

Preventing Osteoporosis

When you look at the common risk factors for osteoporosis, you should be able to tell
what you might be able to do to prevent it. This includes quitting smoking and drinking if
you do it excessively and following a healthy diet. Nutrients that are good for preventing
it and strengthening your bones are vitamin D and calcium. These are found in milk and
dairy, but also in many fruits and vegetables. You should also be getting an adequate
amount of exercise on a regular basis.

Your doctor can start treating osteoporosis during the early stages by changing your
diet and giving you proper medications. You may also need to be careful about falls and
watch out for your physical activity if you are diagnosed with this condition.

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