About Medical Tourism

About Medical Tourism The emergent business of global healthcare, or medical tourism, is generating a lot of income. Seeking medical attention in other countries is seen now as a more practical choice. In the coming year, this $ 20 billion-industry is expected to grow double with more and more people considering getting medical care abroad. … Read more

Acne: 10 Most Common Myths

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What we think we know about acne is steadily being replaced by what scientists are learning. Meanwhile, many myths continue to circulate and endure. Clearing up some of the misunderstandings about acne is what this article is about. Myth #1: Acne only affects appearance. Acne can also cause deep psychological distress. Severe acne can lead … Read more

Anti Aging Antioxidant

Research shows that cells are only allowed so many cell divisions in a human lifetime before they would have to give out. Based on their findings, scientists say that by the time you are 20 years old, most of the cells that make up your body have already used up half of their available cell … Read more