Psychiatry Lecture: Mood Disorders: Depression & Bipolar Disorder

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Psychiatry Lecture: Mood Disorders: Depression & Bipolar Disorder

A presentation on ‘Mood Disorders’ that covers the following two disorders:
1. Depression
2. Bipolar Disorder

For each disorder, the following aspects are systematically dealt with:
• Clinical features
• Categories in ICD-10 and DSM-5
• Epidemiology
• Aetiology
• Management
• Prognosis

The presentation finishes with a set of 5 self-assessment MCQs.

This video has been prepared by:
Dr. S. Rajagopal MBBS, DPM (Ireland), MRCPsych (UK), CCST (UK)
Consultant Psychiatrist
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

This video is provided for educational / informational purposes only.
This is not a substitute for professional medical consultation.
Psychiatry, like other medical specialities, is a constantly evolving field.
I cannot give any guarantee that the information in this video is accurate or up to date.
I assume no responsibility for any omissions or errors.

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