Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies

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Antisocial personality disorder includes both sociopaths and Psychopaths they have some things in common but there are very distinct things I’m dr. Ali Mattu clinical psychologist and today we’re gonna be looking at mental illness in movies in New York does it remind you that’s manipulative I don’t talk about it they coming back aliens maybe can you stop so that’s kind of a pretty good example of trauma right there and I just catch my breath person now he’s starting to feel some panic he’s been triggered this is a really good example of how everyday situations can trigger someone and the other person might not even know that they’re triggering someone’s trauma I said stop doing that I’m supported you’re gonna freak me out I really love Marvel movies and Iron Man 3 is one of my favorites because it’s such a good representation of anxiety here we see Tony experiencing panic hyperventilation is a pretty core symptom of panic we see tony stark avoiding a lot of situations that are difficult for him and that’s a big hallmark of anxiety it’s a good example of trauma because trauma happens when fundamental belief you have has been challenged in some way he’s always been able to engineer his way out of danger and this is the first time he couldn’t in the movie his anxiety just sort of seems to resolve itself and we don’t really see how it’s resolved itself but I like what they show us in terms of the examples of anxiety and trauma there okay I haven’t seen split yet but I really want to see it so this isn’t looks like another disassociative identity disorder it’s kind of interesting idea is like vlogging as your different personalities to yourself so accurate representation different tone of voice different presentation different way of talking different way of sitting no idea what’s about to happen but it’s kind of interesting what’s unusual about this example is his different personalities seem to be talking to each other some personalities can interact with each other but to this level of communication and coordination probably not and disassociative identity disorder is also very controversial some people think it’s a representation of schizophrenia and that is a big myth the confusion comes from the word schizophrenia schizophrenia means split mind and that refers to the split between what’s really happening and what someone’s experiencing in their mind with hallucinations he has kidnapped these other women it’s M night Shyamalan film in this kind of stuff you suspend your disbelief a little bit more but this is where a lot of people get ideas about mental illness I don’t think a lot of people take it too seriously but it is perpetuating some myths I haven’t seen beautiful mine in these many years but I remember really liking oh my gosh this is like he was okay so he’s experiencing a visual hallucination he’s seeing something that isn’t really there and it’s much more common to have auditory hallucinations to hear things but some people do experience visual hallucinations a big part of schizophrenia is confusion and and fear and not quite understanding what’s happening and I think we’re seeing a good example of that so one of the things about schizophrenia is learning how to identify your symptoms and learning what is an hallucination and what’s actually real John Nash in the scene realizes that one of his hallucinations never ages that could be effective form of coping for him I’ve heard other people say if my dog is not reacting to something then I know that’s my illness that’s a pretty realistic way to cope with it one of my only issues with a beautiful mind is at the end there is sort of this message that you can sort of out-think schizophrenia and that isn’t it’s not the most realistic what’s really great about a beautiful mind is it shows someone who has schizophrenia who is not violent and that’s a big stereotype about schizophrenia most people who have mental illness are not violent they’re much more likely to be the victims of violence than they are someone who might be violent themselves shadow games do sally forces 100 a night to a lot of people who have autism do you see visual patterns to a much higher degree than people who don’t have autism 4 6 101 92 but they also really struggle with social interaction do you remember eyes a little book yeah you start from the beginning yeah how far you get Chetan I think Tom Cruise’s character is a good representation of how hard it can be for people who don’t have autism to understand it maybe were supposed to be table before the pancakes we have an order yet right of course when they bring in maple syrup after thank you that’s it meeting things to be a certain way and then getting really emotionally overwhelmed when they’re not like that that happens a lot with autism no toothpick come definitely definitely not good I like that representation it does a good job of showing the differences in how someone who has autism versus someone who doesn’t have autism how they see the world and also the challenges of working together and understanding each other the only thing I don’t like about this representation it does show more of a narrow view of the functioning of someone who has autism now we know it’s it’s a spectrum and people are all over on that spectrum but that’s more just representative of when this movie was made other than that I think it shows those main features of autism the focus on visual patterns on logic a little bit of rigidity and difficulty with social interactions it shows those really well I haven’t seen this in a long time but I remember liking its representation it’s a middle of the night so he’s clearly having a hard time falling asleep which sleep problems are a big part of bipolar disorder the three o’clock what are you doing I look at here but this is all your and he’s focused on on something trying to solve a problem we call that goal directed activity which is much more common when people might be experiencing manic symptoms this is also a great example of how bipolar can impact families are you going to my study it’s a bit more irritable more frustrated and more upset that can also really happen when someone is more manic bipolar is all about moving fast or moving slow we’re definitely seeing that fast part right here this is a really quick escalation of stuff but this kind of sequence of events can happen with bipolar disorder when someone is manic wouldn’t happen this quickly but you know it’s a movie that was pretty good very quick escalation wouldn’t happen that quickly but it does a good job of showing us that experien of being manic we also see a lot of that emotional sensitivity intensity of the emotions one of the biggest triggers for bipolar disorder diff you’re not sleeping as much as you used to or if you have trouble falling asleep it can have a huge impact on your mood I love Sherrod I think for now we’ll downgrade you to casual acquaintances no more than three plan to social encounters a year and always in Joan’s presence I have your contact details I will be monitoring about you you’re a bloody psychopath high functioning sociopath with your number that is such a good line I love that because that speaks to this difference between sociopaths and Psychopaths there is a difference in in how we use those terms both categories they might break rules or break the law the difference with a sociopath is they can form connections with other people Sherlock definitely has a relationship with Watson he definitely cares about him so he does have relationships he doesn’t just simply manipulate people the thing that’s a little bit less realistic is people who are sociopaths they tend to be more reactive more impulsive more emotional than Psychopaths who are more cold-blooded more tempered more calculating this Sherlock I think he’s a bit more on the autism spectrum he sees patterns doesn’t interact with people the same way that other people do he’s not impulsive like we would think of many sociopaths I remember being so low – hey but I made him smarter sure so we’re seeing a lot of examples of how she’s manipulated other people there’s a callousness a lack of emotion there we were happy pretending to be other people we were the happiest we knew that lack of emotion lack of empathy ability to manipulate other people to get what you want this is very characteristic of antisocial personality disorder especially breaking the law murdering people Walker bouncier cool girl there’s a really intense you think I’d let him destroy me and end up happier than ever so that was really just hearing her I felt I felt like goose bumps it just felt so cold so calculated I would be very nervous around someone like that it’s a pretty good example of antisocial personality disorder that’s the technical clinical term that we use it’s not the term most people use with terms that come up our sociopaths and Psychopaths this is actually example of someone who is a psychopath being very cold-blooded being able to manipulate other individuals not forming strong attachments unless it’s to get what you want that type of manipulation that’s much more associated with what people call psychopaths they can work on Wall Street and be really good scientists the attachment from other people actually helps them to do their job they don’t have to be killers most of the stories that we see are about murderers and that’s not that’s not realistic what’s so cool about movies is they can make it easier for us to have conversations about mental illness mental illness is just one part of of who we are as one part of our identity but it’s not the whole story and now I need to go get a hug because I feel very scared that was a scary movie you

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