Recognizing Depression

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Depression is not just a problem that affects a person’s emotions, but it actually affects every other aspect of their life as well. This includes their regular sleep pattern, eating habits, the way in which daily responsibilities are conducted, and even in the way the person communicates with others. What a lot of people are not aware of is depression is actually a problem that is caused by an imbalance of chemicals within the brain.
Warning Signs to Look For When Depression Is Suspected
When a person becomes depressed there are frequently several different warning signs that may be noticed. While the person that suffers from depression may not notice the signs and symptoms of depression, there are usually warning signs that friends and family members do notice. Below are some of the most common signs of depression that can occur when a person suffers from a chemical imbalance within the brain.
Chronic Fatigue
Many people that suffer from depression will sleep continuously, and even after many hours of sleep they often still feel fatigued. There are some people that have problems feeling fatigued because of insomnia, which makes it very hard for them to fall asleep.
Changes in Behavior
Changes in a person’s behavior often occur when they are depressed because of the negative emotions they tend to experience. Most people that are depressed lose their desire to engage in social situations. Many of them also even avoid conversations and situations with friends and family members as well. Even though it can compound feelings of depression, most people suffering from this problem will often stay isolated and alone. Poor hygiene habits and neglecting routine house cleaning chores are a few other signs that a person suffering from depression may display.
Changes in Eating Habits
When a person is suffering from depression they may either eat a lot more than they normally do, or they may eat a lot less than what is normal for them. This is one of the signs that is usually quite dramatic and easily noticed.
Lack of Sexual Interest
Depression can interfere with every single area of a person’s life and this includes sexual activity with their partner or spouse. A depressed person often shows no interest whatsoever in sexual activity or even spending a nice romantic evening with their significant other. The negative feelings they are experiencing will typically prevent them from being interested in most any of their usual activities.
Thought Pattern Changes
Problems at home or work that is normally very easy for a person to process can become difficult for them to carry out when they are suffering from depression. Important decisions are usually much harder for them to make and they may find it much more difficult to concentrate. Guilt is another emotion that often clouds their thinking, as a depressed person tends to obsess over situations that cause them to experience feelings of guilt.
Aches and Pains
Due to the lack of mobility and engaging in everyday activities with friends and family members, it is not uncommon a depressed person to begin experiencing aches and pains. Sometimes intense headaches will become an everyday battle for depression sufferers. With other people, they may start to notice body aches and severe back aches.

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