Digital Health & Wellness Part 2

Welcome to digital health and wellness module in the office up on the street down to Subway individuals are paying more attention to what’s going on on that screen than what’s actually going on around them this behavior is so common in the digital era and joining me today are miss sue tada ganga wong … Read more

Chronic Headache

When people are unable to think properly and look straight, chances are the person has a headache. Cases such as these may be mild to severe which is why doctors say, ” its only in the head.” There are two kinds of headaches. The first is called the tension headache, which may happen for a … Read more

Diagnosis of Herniated Disc

When you go to your physician about pain coming from your back, you might suspect to get a diagnosis of herniated disc. On the other hand, you may have no idea what is wrong. Either way, the doctor will have different ways to come to a diagnosis of herniated disc. The doctor will start with … Read more