Enraged Kid: Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in a Child

No one will imagine that a healthy, active and intelligent child will have a series of unexplainable tantrums and mood swings. Some would think that such type of child is inflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder while others may think that the child is bratty and undisciplined by his parents. Before you jump into different conclusions, … Read more

Childhood Treatment Options for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, has in past years only been found in adults, while children with similar symptoms have been mistakenly diagnosed as have attention deficit disorder (ADD), or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, in recent years, psychiatrists and pediatricians have found that bipolar disorder definitely rears its ugly head in childhood as … Read more

Is Your Child Suffering from Bipolar Disorder?

Diagnosis of bipolar disorder among children have never been made until only recently in the medical field. Before, the disorder was seen to emerge among unfortunate adolescents and adults, but with advancement in identification tests, the disorder can now be detected as early as childhood. Thus, early treatment can be started. An early diagnosis of … Read more

The Manifestations shown by a Bipolar Child Helps in Proper Diagnosis

A bipolar disorder or manic depression is a severe illness but can be treated. It’s a brain disorder characterized by extreme swings of energy, mood, behavior, and thinking. The symptoms are present in early childhood or even during infancy. It can also suddenly emerge in adulthood or adolescence. But today, diagnosis of bipolar disorder in … Read more

Music Therapy


The National Association for Music Therapy in 1950 was formed and it brought music therapy in the world of professionalism. This was the root for the music therapy discovery. Using music as a cure for a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being has been used for centuries. However it was never referred to a … Read more

Discharge During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

When you’re pregnant, having increased discharge is very, very common. It’s called leukorrhea of pregnancy, and it’s caused by hormonal changes that affect the uterus, the cervix, the vagina. And for the most part, it’s nothing to worry about. If you are having symptoms of abnormal discharge, which can include itching, or burning, or discoloration, … Read more

The Struggles of Having Acne

Don’t let the makeup fool you, okay My face is h*lla pimply (unicorn sparkles) Whaddup Everyone, it’s your girl Superwoman Also, hi, hello, my name is Lilly And I’m one of those fortunate Adults that has acne That’s right kids, you know when you have acne and someone says to you “Don’t worry kid, you’ll … Read more

Male Infertility Treatment Options

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There exist medications, treatments and techniques that provide infertile couples the possibility of conceiving a genetic child that possesses the characteristics of both parents. However, there are no exact guarantees that all work in the fashion as earlier predicted during clinical analysis. In fact, majority of couples requires several attempts of medical intervention before they … Read more