Tips to Start Your Own Herb Garden

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As you embark on your journey to growing more food from home, you might also want
to be able to season your food. This is where herbs come in. Having fresh herbs on
hand is a great way to be encouraged to cook more at home and experiment with
different flavors. You can start your own herb garden with these easy tips.

Choosing Your Herbs

When you want to start an herb garden, the first thing you will do is choose the types of
herbs to grow. While technically you can choose any herbs you want, there are a few
things to consider. First, you want to think about the herbs that are easier to grow, such
as basil, chives, dill, and oregano. These are good for beginners because they are
simple to grow, even for black thumbs. Then there are the herbs that are good to get as
young plants. That way, you don’t have to start them from seeds. Herbs that are often
available as young plants from nurseries are sage, thyme, rosemary, and basil. Of
course you should also think about the herbs you will use most in your cooking.

Preparing the Soil

The next decision to make is whether you want to grow them in the ground or in
containers. Both options work, so it really depends on the amount of space in your yard
and your own personal preferences. If you are going to plant them in the ground, you
should make sure your soil is ready for planting. You want it to be dug and tilled, so that
the soil isn’t too compacted. You should have proper drainage in the soil as well.
Compost is good to add to the soil to help your herbs grow.

Consider Using Jars or Containers

If you would prefer, you can also plant your herbs in containers. You can do this from
the seed or the young plants you got at the nursery, though of course the plants are
much easier to work with. What you need is a good pot or container for keeping the
herbs in, from a clay pot to a mason jar. If using a mason jar, make sure it has holes
drilled in it for drainage. Then you need some potting soil to put in the container or pot,
and some organic herb fertilizer.

As long as you know the amount of sun that is required, you can plant a lot of container
herbs right in your home, close to a window sill.

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