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What’s up, we’re going to wake our bodies and our brains up with a good stretch. You ready? Let’s get that neck rolling.  And reverse. – Other side. – Reverse again. – The other way. – And once more. – Now back to the left. – Alright, let’s get some arm circles. – Arm circles, to the front. Come on. – And reverse. – Reverse. Don’t forget to breathe. Get a good stretch forward. – Reverse. – Reverse. Get a good stretch, good stretch. – Alright, we’re going to cross our arms over our body. Feel the stretch in your back. – Feel the stretch. Stretch it out, to the right. – Very good, now we’re going to go down to the center and stretch our legs. Over to the side. – To the side. – To the other side. – To the other side. – Back to the center. – Stretch it out. – To the side. – To the side, come on. – The other side. – To the other side.

– And a few more times. – Stretch it out. You got this, come on. – Once more. – To the side, to the other side, to the middle. – Alright, we’re going to get a couple lunges to stretch the legs out here and warm up our leg muscles. – We’re doing lunges, right now, come on. Stretch those legs out. Down. Down, come on. Stretch it out. – Couple more guys. – Couple more lunges, you can do it! Come on, stretch it out. – Alright, a few arm circles, get loose. We’re going to do some knee raises across our bodies. Here we go. – Come on. Stretch it out, come on. – Switch. – Lift up the knee, lift it high. Let it meet your elbow. – Switch. – Come on. You got this. You were born to do this. – Switch. – Come on. – Switch. That was a great stretch. Now you’re ready to get back to class, and do your thing. – Fresh start, out.

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