What May Signify the Presence of Infertility?

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It’s pretty obvious! Once a woman fails to conceive within a 1-year period without using any techniques for birth control, she is most likely to have developed infertility. If she does not have clinical representations of the condition, then perhaps the test must be focused on her partner. These two aside, physicians may diagnose the condition by looking at the shared factors. But the worse case scenario would be that there is no real explanation for the condition.

All these three are the essential factors to knowing if a participant is a patient of infertility. After all, the condition is a three-part problem, according to a study.

Unfortunately, while these are the basics, most couple would not recognize that they are infertile until they have quitted trying to get conceived. Typically, it takes years of waiting and several tests to confirm that one is truly infertile. But we still must keep a look out on a number of symptoms that may show hints of infertility.

The first symptom might be the absence of monthly period but with a negative result on pregnancy test. This must be observed within a specific period, normally reaching up to months of not bleeding.

In fact, this condition is almost classic. It regularly occurs on all infertile women.

Watch out for the indications of pain radiating in your pelvic area.

As for temperature, be keen that you basal body does not have low temperature. During the first half of the cycle, this might be a good indication that your estrogen level is too high. This condition occurring at the end of the cycle may be a manifestation of too low progesterone. Both hormones are vital in pregnancy.

High basal body temperature for the first half of the cycle, on the other hand, may be the implication of either a hyperactive thyroid gland or low level of estrogen. While involution may be diagnosed when the temperature of the basal body does not balance by shifting upwards accordingly.

Luteal phase defect is evident when it occurred in only 10 days or less. Luteal phase by the way is the period to facilitate ovulation towards menstruation. This must at least be conducted for the said period. If not, problems in low progesterone is likely to be the root causes.

Unfortunately enough, men don’t have physical manifestations of infertility other than impotence. He normally realizes this once his semen analysis is completed.

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