Why Women Undergo Breast Augmentation

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The western society seems to have a singular way of describing beauty. If we are to look at the magazines and other prints, we can observe that a specific form of women is singled out: a woman who is fit but has curves and a relatively large chest.

No wonder, many admire them and want to be like them. The society’s response is to adopt them in any possible way.

One of the most common methods of acquiring such beauty is by undergoing breast enlargement. Breast enlargement in many ways, has enhanced the figures of women by enhancing their buntlines. This is done by surgically inserting an implant at the back of each breast. This is rather a straightforward surgical procedure. However, like with most surgical operations, breast enlargement carries potential risks and complications that may perhaps be instrumental to some health discomforts.

Though breast enlargement may lead to some complications, there are no substantial evidences that it may also trigger breast cancer, other systematic diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Because of the absence of major side effects and the growing popularity of the procedure, the idea of getting the breast augmented seemed to appeal to most women (and some men).

People have different reasons for taking breast enlargement. As mentioned above, the primary reason is to cope with the society’s expectations. This is especially true with teenage women who are considering breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement for teenagers is a very sensitive issue. In majority of cases, these teens are not allowed to undergo operations since the development of a woman’s body has not yet reach its fullness until the age of twenty.

Another reason that leads to breast reconstruction is the want to regain the breast lost following an illness or deformation due to breastfeeding. Others need them fixed due to asymmetry and other related conditions. Still others consider the benefits of taking such a procedure for their partner’s and their own pleasures. But the outstanding reason for such operation is to enhance self-esteem.

Most women believe that once their appearance is changed, their self-esteem will improve accordingly. They view breast enlargement as self-transformation and as part of social acceptance. These seem to be reasons enough for most to invest on the medical procedure and to embrace the risks involved.

Ultimately, reasons for undergoing the procedure is largely based on personal preferences. This is why it is almost impossible to create sweeping conclusions with regards to this popular trend.

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